1. Drew Lock is selected BEFORE Dwayne Haskins: Listen, just a few months ago, Dwayne Haskins was the #1 QB in the 2019 draft class, so I get that this may be surprising to some. As I told a colleague, Dwayne Haskins simply doesn’t do anything to get you excited. Drew Lock may not have the ‘floor’ of Haskins, but he has that wow arm and arguably the higher ‘ceiling’.
  2. The Giants Game Plan PART ONE: Much to the dismay of Giants fans everywhere, the New York Giants pass on a Quarterback yet again–not ONCE, but TWICE! Listen, Dave Gettleman is a disciple of Bill Parcells, and he is stuck in the 1980s. One principle to keep in mind that Parcells always valued collegiate Quarterbacks who have years of experience. Dwayne Haskins, having only played one season, doesn’t fit the profile. I’m expecting the Giants to use the 6th and 17th overall picks to beef up their defensive and offensive lines–at press time I have them selecting Michigan DE Rashan Gary and Oklahoma OT/OG Cody Ford.
  3. The Giants Game Plan PART TWO: The Giants enter the night with two 1st round picks–keep an eye on them to TRIPLE down and trade up from the 2nd round, back into the 1st rounder to complete the trifecta. I have Duke QB Daniel Jones sliding down the 1st round, and this is the type of QB they could covet–keep an eye on them moving back up and pairing Daniel Jones with Gary and Ford.
  4. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is the 1st Wide Receiver off the board, NOT D.K. Metcalf: Listen, earlier this season and into the draft season, very few in the scouting community were as high on D.K. Metcalf as I was, and I still like him a great deal. His scintillating 40 time at the Scouting Combine was simply divine. The issue being, his off-season has highlighted his lack of short-area quickness, and this an attribute that is more important than ever before in the NFL. Enter in, Marquise “Hollywood” Brown–who is one of the fastest Wide Receivers on tape that I’ve seen. The NFL LOVES speed. I know Marquise Brown has done nothing this draft season, and I know there’s injury concerns there. I also know, I repeat, the NFL LOVES SPEED! Don’t be surprised if Marquise “Hollywood” Brown is drafted before D.K. Metcalf.
  5. Juan Thornhill is the FIRST Defensive Back drafted: This is where many will stop reading. Listen, I get it. Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy, Jonathan Abram, and others have been bantered around as sure-fire 1st round picks. I don’t have ANY defensive backs coming off the board in the Top 20 picks, so now it gets to the part in the draft where teams have a certain profile that they like. Juan Thornhill has a unique profile that some teams are going to gravitate towards. I have the Seattle Seahawks at pick #21, one of the teams most desperate to trade out, however, if they get stuck there, I could see them surprising us once again, as they did in 2018 with Rashaad Penny, and taking Juan Thornhill as the first defensive back off the board.
  6. Jerry Tillery is the SECOND Defensive Tackle off the board: No one, and I mean no one in the scouting community are questioning universal top DT Quinnen Williams. The questions begin after his projection, or in this case, selection. Ed Oliver has his proponents, but also has his share of detractors. Christian Wilkins is very highly thought of, but may not possess the ceiling of Jerry Tillery. Tillery is gaining a TON of momentum in the scouting community and could be one of the surprise picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.
  7. Andy Isabella is drafted before N’Keal Harry, Hakeem Butler, and A.J. Brown: Listen, this one I don’t think is equally likely as some of the aforementioned surprises, but it certainly is possible. It’s no knock on Harry, Butler, or Brown, but it speaks more to the fact that Andy Isabella’s draft stock is on fire at the moment. Some have him going in the 1st round! I’m not ready to go that far–but there’s a chance is drafted ahead of many of his contemporaries at the Wide Receiver position.
  8. No RB is drafted in the 1st round of the 2019 NFL Draft: This may not be THAT big of a surprise given that Joshua Jacobs is the only back considered to be a 1st rounder. The Raiders and Eagles have been heavily linked to Jacobs. The Eagles just traded for Jordan Howard–I think that eliminates them from taking Jacobs at #25. The Raiders seem like the only conceivable landing spot for Joshua Jacobs, which I ultimately have, but with their 2nd round pick, 35th overall, not in the 1st round.
  9. TWO Tight Ends and TWO Middle Linebackers go in the TOP TWELVE: The current NFL has it’s position of priority. You’re talking about positions like Quarterback, Defensive Ends, Offensive Tackles, Defensive Backs–you will not spot Tight End or Middle Linebacker on this list. Many teams just don’t place as much value on the position, considering TE and MLB to be secondary needs. 2019 is a unique year where two players at each position, are FAR AND AWAY, the top tier of the position. At Tight End, you have T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant. At Middle Linebacker you have Devin White and Devin Bush. I have all four prospects ranked between #7 and #11 on my Big Board–so they certainly would merit such a selection.
  10. Garrett Bradbury is NOT the first interior offensive lineman off the board: For the offensive lineman fans out there, this one goes out to you. For arguments sake, we are leaving the likes of Jonah Williams, Cody Ford, and Dalton Risner at the offensive tackle position. So now you are looking at the likes of Bradbury, Erik McCoy, and Chris Lindstrom. I still feel that Garrett Bradbury is the leader in the clubhouse in this department, but McCoy and Lindstrom are gaining a ton of momentum, so it would not entirely surprise me to hear either of their names before Bradbury during the 2019 NFL Draft.