OFFENSE: Texans- 366 ypg/24.3 ppg        Bills- 332 ypg/20.5 ppg

DEFENSE: Texans- 383 ypg/23.3 ppg        Bills- 300 ypg/16.4 ppg

TURNOVER: Texans- +1 Bills- +6

ANALYSIS: The Houston Texans have the better, and more dynamic Quarterback on the field in Deshaun Watson…they also have the top offensive weapon in this game in DeAndre Hopkins…but to me, that’s where their advantages end…the way to defeat the Buffalo Bills is to line up and run the ball at them…I don’t think this is who Houston is or what they have shown us in 2019…with Tredavius White locked down on DeAndre Hopkins, I believe his upside is capped…the Bills defense against Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers has been elite all season long (Top 5 in both)…the Texans defense is bottom five in the league…they are giving up 23.3 ppg—it should have been more in the 26-27 ppg range…I like the Bills rushing attack of Devin Singletary, Josh Allen and the stout defense to get a road victory in a low scoring affair…

PREDICTION: Bills 20 Texans 16


OFFENSE: Patriots- 354 ypg/ 26.4 ppg     Titans- 356 ypg/ 24.5 ppg

DEFENSE: Patriots- 268 ypg/13.2 ppg       Titans- 363 ypg/ 21.1 ppg

TURNOVER: Patriots- +21 Titans- +6

ANALYSIS: I’ll be blunt here…I understand it’s easy to get excited about the Tennessee Titans and how they have played the 2nd half of the season under Ryan Tannehill—they’ve been a different team, no question…at the end of the day, the Patriots defense has been the elite of elite…1st across the board against Quarterbacks, Runningbacks, and Wide Receivers—there’s no real clear way to attack them…the Titans defense on the other hand was below average across the board at the same positions…in fact, the Titans defense like the Texans, got a little lucky given their PPG (should have been more around 23/24 than 21)…the Patriots at home I believe will be able to limit Derrick Henry and ergo, limit the Titans as a whole…I know the Patriots have been a tough watch…nothing looks easy…and they’re certainly vulnerable…but do I see Ryan Tannehill and Mike Vrabel knocking them off in Foxboro…can’t say that I do…Patriots survive this one…

PREDICTION: Patriots 24 Titans 20


OFFENSE: Saints- 374 ypg/ 28.6 ppg         Vikings- 354 ypg/ 25.4 ppg

DEFENSE: Saints- 333 ypg/ 21 ppg             Vikings- 342 ypg/ 18.9 ppg

TURNOVER: Saints- +15 Vikings +11

ANALYSIS: This should be an evenly-contested match-up…I think it’s important to remember how good this Minnesota Vikings offense can be with Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison—healthy…it’s been awhile since we have seen that, but after sitting the duo the last two weeks it would appear that both are ready to roll in the Wild Card round…I might take the Vikings here if the entire offense appeared in sync, but Adam Thielen simply has not been himself since his injury—hard for me to trust that he is simply going to ramp it up here in this one…in the playoffs, turnovers are so critical…both team have a nice +/-, but where I land is that the Saints rarely turn it over…the Saints only committed 8 turnovers all year long…far and away, the top mark in the entire league…the Saints are not going to beat themselves…oddly enough, these are two of the worst teams in the league against the WR position—so expect some scores and some big plays in this one…the Saints at Home with Drew Brees, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara playing so well (not to mention Jared Cook) I’ll take the Saints in a close one…

PREDICTION: Saints 31 Vikings 27


OFFENSE: Eagles- 361 ypg/ 24.1 ppg        Seahawks- 374 ypg/ 25.3 ppg

DEFENSE: Eagles- 332 ypg/ 22 ppg            Seahawks- 382 ypg/ 25 ppg

TURNOVER: Eagles: -3 Seahawks- +12

ANALYSIS: On the surface, the initial thought is to take Seattle and move on…that has been the narrative all season long…the NFC East stinks…the Eagles and Cowboys are laughing stocks…the 49ers and Seahawks are far superior teams, etc…I’m hear to tell you, this game will be much closer than people think, and in fact, the Eagles can give the Seahawks plenty of problems…the teams offensive output are similar…defensively however, the Eagles have just been better…they are similar against the Quarterback, so that’s a wash…the Eagles defense are far superior to the Seahawks against the run…the Eagles are dreadful against the WR position…the Seahawks are just as bad, if not worse, against the TE position…if I KNEW that Zach Ertz and Miles Sanders were in—I’d pick the Eagles, but I don’t know that…we know that the Eagles are going to get the ball to the TE and RB position…will Seattle prioritize getting the ball to the WR position..? I’ll take the Seahawks because of Russell Wilson working his magic late, but I don’t feel good about it…

PREDICTION: Seahawks 27 Eagles 24