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  1. Dwayne Haskins SO. 6’2 225 Ohio State Buckeyes                                       STRENGTHS: Dwayne Haskins calling card is his accuracy…he can throw the ball on schedule on multiple platforms…he is athletic in the pocket…evasive…he can avoid the pass rush while keeping his eyes down the field…Haskins has the requisite arm strength in order to succeed at the next level…he has the talent to throw the ball into tight windows…has shown the ability to go through his progression…although a hesitant runner—he does have the ability to effect a defense by running with the football.WEAKNESSES: Dwayne Haskins has only one season of big time college football under his belt…in an ideal world, from a scouting perspective—you would like to see Haskins return to college—he’s just not ready for the NFL game yet…the spread offense at Ohio State does not do their Quarterbacks any favors when it comes to progressing to the game at the NFL level…Haskins has a tendency to wait for his receivers to get open, rather than throwing them open—if this tendency continues, he will struggle mightily in the NFL…needs to play with better anticipation…

    COMP: Derek Carr

    OVERVIEW: Dwayne Haskins is the clear headliner of the 2019 NFL Draft class. That speaks more to the overall downturn of the QB class as a whole than to Dwayne Haskins and his evaluation. There is only so much tape on Dwayne Haskins as he only has one season at the helm at Ohio State. His evaluation is most similar to Mitch Trubisky a few seasons ago—a talented prospect who has athletic traits, and you like him long-term, but you see some initial struggles due to the fact that he is so raw. Where he winds up will eventually play a huge role to his success at the NFL level—I would like to see him sit for a season, but I know his demand will likely be high enough that this will be an unrealistic goal. Given how Quarterbacks are pushed up the draft boards, and the fact that he is head and shoulders above everyone else, I would expect Dwayne Haskins to be a Top 10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

  2. Drew Lock SR 6’3 225 Missouri Tigers                                                               STRENGTHS:  Drew Lock possesses the best arm talent in the 2019 NFL Draft class…big time arm strength and the physical attributes that has the NFL scouting community salivating…Drew Lock can make throws that his contemporaries cannot…his mechanics are solid…his velocity is upper tier…in a league where you need to throw into tight windows—Drew Lock as that ability in spades…Lock is another player that plays with moxie and an edge…high upside…WEAKNESSES: Drew Lock is the most erratic and inconsistent passer in the 2019 NFL Draft…he is not an accurate passer…makes poor decisions with the football…poor accuracy combined with poor decision making equals “Buyer Beware” for me…his passes sail on a regular basis…he struggles with reading a defense and going through his progression…waits for players to get open, rather than throwing them open…he has poor footwork and tends to get lazy with his proper throwing motion—again—resulting in poor results…lackluster mobility…

    COMP: Jay Cutler

    OVERVIEW: Drew Lock is going to be one of the more fascinating prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft. He has the arm talent that the NFL is looking for and falls in love with. He also brings several inconsistencies and poor decision making process, which will turnoff many potential suitors. Some are making comparisons to Patrick Mahomes—which is outlandish at this juncture. That being said, the NFL is a copy cat league—scouts and GMs have seen recent success from big arm QB like Mahomes or to a much lesser extent Josh Allen, so I can see some teams falling in love with this guy. To reiterate, I wouldn’t touch him until late in the draft as a developmental prospect, but I can see his name being discussed in the 1st round conversation. Stay tuned to see if he can wow scouts at the Combine and in the workouts.

  3. Kyler Murray JR. 5’10 190 Oklahoma Sooners                                                  STRENGTHS: The first thing that wows you on the tape when you evaluate Kyler Murray is his arm strength…the way he can generate velocity with his whip action is second to none in this class…Kyler Murray is a terrific playmaker…a big play waiting to happen…he has shown a very strong arm that has the ability to throw the ball into tight coverage and tight windows…the NFL has become a league where you have to make something happen outside the confines of the play call—Kyler Murray wins here in spades with his ability to keep the play alive where others cannot…there is no question—he is a remarkable athlete…WEAKNESSES: If it is not abundantly clear, the most glaring weakness in regards to Kyler Murray’s game is the fact that he is very diminutive for the position…not only does his height raise any number of questions—but he is also very thinly built…you have to wonder if he can stand up to the much more physical nature of the sport and what the QB position requires…his accuracy still needs work—throws an accurate deep ball, but is not what you would describe as “pin-point”…his decision making process needs a lot of work…throws the ball into coverage wildly at times…I question his progression process as it appears, at times, that he will completely eliminate portions of the field as options…if his primary read is not there, tends to tuck it and run or try and make a wild-card type of play…will get himself into more trouble than not…will need to learn to step up in the pocket rather than evading the rush with reckless abandon…

    COMP: Russell Wilson or Seneca Wallace???

    OVERVIEW: A fascinating case study does not do Kyler Murray and his assessment justice…quite frankly—we may have never seen a NFL prospect quite like this…a few months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that Kyler Murray was heading to playing Major League Baseball, and now, it is very possible that he turns his attention to the NFL Draft…a remarkable athlete with many short-comings (excusing the pun)…some have gone as far to say they would take him with the #1 overall pick…personally, I think this is utterly ridiculous…I do see value in Kyler Murray, but I value him more in the 2nd round…that being said, the NFL is a QB hungry league, and a prospect with Kyler Murray’s skill set does not come along every day, so I’m expecting a QB-needy team to pounce much earlier than that…ultimately, I would expect Kyler Murray to be drafted in the Top 10-15 picks of the 2019 NFL Draft.

  4. Clayton Thorson SR 6’3 225 Northwestern Wildcats                                  STRENGTHS: Clayton Thorson displays prototypical pocket presence…great fundamentals…has good footwork, drops back in the pocket in rhythm, steps up well, feels the outside pressure, one of the better pocket manipulators in this class…plays well throwing timing routes and leading his receivers open…has a smooth delivery…his game is made for a West Coast offense.WEAKNESSES: He lacks the physical skills to get too thrilled about his prospects…his accuracy and arm strength are just average on short and intermediate throws…on deeper throws his accuracy wanes quite a bit…he also has an injury history that scouts and GMs will have to take into account…

    COMP: Matt Schaub

    OVERALL: Although destined to be a NFL Draft afterthought, as well as a NFL backup, there’s something about Clayton Thorson’s game I like. Thorson has a good feel, and looks like the kind of guy, that with development, could become a QB that you could trust to start in a pinch. Like many other in this class, he is set as a late round developmental prospect, but unlike many others, I like his chance to stick in the league.

  5. Daniel Jones JR. 6’5 220 Duke Blue Devils                                                         STRENGTHS: At 6’5 220, Daniel Jones is from central casting for what you would look for in what a NFL Quarterback looks like…Jones is a versatile prospect who has shown the ability to hurt a defense with his arm, but also with his legs…Jones has a lively arm…he has his share of highlight packages…Jones would adapt well to the physical nature of the NFL—built thickly, you are not as concerned with injury like you all with some of the other QB prospects in the 2019 draft class…playing for David Cutcliffe, you know Daniel Jones is a cerebral prospect who can effect the game from a mental aspect.WEAKNESSES: Daniel Jones’ tape showed wild inconsistencies…the downside to working in the David Cutcliffe offense is much of the reads and decisions are made for you…when asked to adapt and “make a play”—Daniel Jones struggled…his lack of progression over the course of his collegiate career is a bit disconcerting…whereas other prospects can throw off of multiple platforms—Daniel Jones struggles when asked to play outside of the safe confines of the offense…

    COMP: Blaine Gabbert

    OVERVIEW: I know that I will be in the minority here, but I don’t get what all of the fuss is about as it relates to the future of Daniel Jones. I didn’t see anything special in his tape, I didn’t see the skill or talent that wows or jumps off at you. I simply saw a prototypical size QB prospects that lacks the play-in, play-out consistency that the NFL game requires. It raises a red flag to me that he didn’t put it all together under the guidance of Manning family favorite David Cutcliffe. Daniel Jones is going to get rave reviews, and you’ll even hear chatter that he might be a Top 10 pick—that is going to happen. Mark me down as a skeptic—I have him as a mid-late rounder, nothing more.

  6. Gardner Minshew SR. 6’1 215 Washington State Cougars                         STRENGTHS: Gardner Minshew plays the QB position with great anticipation…he throws receivers open…her has above average arm strength and has zip on his football…has nice pocket awareness…manipulates the pocket well…”feels” the pressure, adjusts his platform, resets, and throws…has a nice delivery…gets the ball out of his hand quickly…WEAKNESSES: His arm accuracy is inconsistent…one throw will be in a tight window, the next will be a complete miss…another player with irrational confidence—will try to fit the ball into a tight window when it may not be the necessary or proper read…tends to lock on to a receiver and really slows his progression…his footwork needs much more work…my thinking is that his erratic footwork is one of the primary culprits to his inaccuracy…

    COMP: Ryan Fitzpatrick

    OVERALL: The more tape I watch on Gardner Minshew—the more I like. He could be a player rising in my rankings as we move forward. I’m breaking one of my own rules—the biggest issue that I have with Ginshew is his inaccuracy—which is my #1 priority in a QB, but I’m beginning to like just about everything else about his game. Don’t get me wrong, there is some work to be done here. He needs to land with a coaching staff that can help his mental acuity and the way he processes the offensive gameplan—he also needs someone to refine his fundamentals. If these can be cleaned up, I think you have a gamer who has a great feel for the game. Gardner Minshew is shaping up to be one of my favorite late-round, developmental QB prospects.

  7. Tyree Jackson JR. 6’7 250 Buffalo Bulls                                                              STRENGTHS: Tyree Jackson is a gifted athlete with physical traits that are breathtaking to the scouting community…he has tremendous pure arm strength…can propel the ball with a high level of velocity from multiple platforms…his legs are a huge advantage…can extend the play beyond most of his contemporaries…can be a weapon outside the pocket as a runner…very strong, and plays with a strong base…will be able to hold up to the physical nature of the NFL game…not afraid to step up in the pocket and take a shot…WEAKNESSES: Tyree Jackson is simply not ready for the NFL game at this point…his mechanics are inconsistent and all over the place…he is not an accurate thrower of the passer…Tyree Jackson needs a lot of work reading defenses and going through his proper progression…Jackson does not play the game with anticipation—will only throw the ball to receivers who are open, rather than throwing them open…

    COMP: Terrelle Pryor

    OVERALL: If we are simply evaluating pure athleticism Tyree Jackson is an off the charts evaluation…given his skill set, there will be NFL coaches, in particular QB coaches, who covet him as a developmental prospect…there is a TON of work to do here however, to the extent that many might call for a positional switch for Tyree Jackson…ultimately, from a prospect perspective, I imagine he sticks as a QB…albeit one who should be drafted later on the 3rd day of the 2019 NFL Draft.

  8. Jordan Ta’amu SR. 6’2 215 Ole Miss Rebels                                                       STRENGTHS: Jordan Ta’amu is one of the fast-rising prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft class…Ta’amu displayed an ability to make accurate throw after accurate throw no matter the down or distance…throws the ball well on screens, down the seam, and in the downfield passing game with a nice touch…plays with better anticipation than many of his contemporaries…throws receivers open and leads them properly…has a smooth throwing motion—compact—consistent…great intangibles—team thrives off of his leadership…plus athleticism which makes his a dual threat to hurt a defense with his legs…WEAKNESSES: Jordan Ta’amu remains a raw prospect who needs a lot of work…he needs to go through his progression more smoothly and be able to survey the entire field…when rushed he tends to lose focus and gets flustered…his passing becomes much more inconsistent when he is pressured…smaller stature—he needs to get bigger in order to sustain at the NFL level…

    COMP: Chad Kelly

    OVERVIEW: Jordan Ta’amu is a personal favorite, I imagine that he will be more highly ranked here than virtually anywhere else. While I don’t think he is a 1st rounder, I don’t think most of this class is in that category. When evaluating mid-round prospects—I’m looking for accuracy, leadership, ability to lead a team, in a jam, can this guy come in and keep the team afloat? Jordan Ta’amu is going to take some time, but that’s what developmental prospects are for. I feel that his upside is as high as any prospect that will go in his draft range. I would consider him as soon as the early 4th round range. He may not grab the headlines, but he’s a player I could see in the NFL for a long time to come.

  9. Will Grier SR. 6’1 215 West Virginia Mountaneers                                          STRENGTHS: Will Grier reads the oppositions’ defense and makes the proper read at a high level…he plays the game with anticipation…likeable intangibles…plays with a chip on his shoulder and galvanizes his team around him…leadership qualities…a versatile thrower who can throw the ball with enough arm strength to have success, as well as places good touch on throws that require it…WEAKNESSES: A smaller, thinner prospect which will certainly ding his draft stock…you have to be concerned with his durability heading into a league with bigger, faster, more physical athletes…he is an inconsistent passer in regards to his accuracy and ball placement—which would be problematic if not corrected…has a tendency to get ‘happy feet’ and feel pressure where there might not necessarily be any…played in another offensive scheme that does not help his progression to the NFL game…his playing style is a bit helter-skelter, which will not be appealing to NFL offensive minds/coaches…his delivery is unique and will need refinement at the next level…

    COMP: Andy Dalton

    OVERVIEW: Some evaluators will make comparisons to Baker Mayfield—which will do Will Grier and his draft stock/status a disservice. Baker has the better arm, throws with better zip, never seemed to get rattled—traits I cannot say are similar in Will Grier. Grier does play with that type of moxie, but his physical limitations and inconsistencies outweigh his likeable intangibles. I don’t personally view Will Grier as a starter at the next level, but I may be in the minority. I would not draft him until Day 3 in the 2019 NFL Draft, but I expect him to wind up being selected between Rounds 2-3

  10. Brett Rypien SR. 6’2 205 Boise State Broncos                                                STRENGTHS: Brett Rypien appears to be an ideal fit for a West Coast offense…smooth delivery…quick release…excels in the short to intermediate passing game…does a good job of going through his proper progression…he has enough arm strength to find success…he possesses good touch to excel on the timing patterns…plays the game with good fundamentals and proper footwork.WEAKNESSES: Brett Rypien tends to lose his composure when the defense applies pressure…nothing special athletically so he won’t hurt you outside of the pocket…does not have the arm strength to attack a defense vertically or on throws to the sideline…possesses irrational confidence in his arm, and given his limitations, will cause turnover problems in the NFL is his mind isn’t right.

    COMP: Matt Moore

    OVERVIEW: Brett Rypien is just a generic prospect—the type of prospect we get ½ dozen of year in and year out. Not that Rypien doesn’t have some talent, just good to know what you’re in for. I would peg him as a late round, developmental type of prospect for a West Coast offense, and I actually think that is where he will ultimately be drafted. He’s not a bad prospect, just not one to get overly excited about either.