• Kyler Murray conversation is going to be all the rage. I don’t anticipate him working out, but his measurements–height and weight–will be very important to monitor.
  • Dwayne Haskins is reportedly, going to go through a complete workout. We know what Haskins is at this point, I don’t expect him to do anything extraordinary at the Scouting Combine, don’t expect him to move the needle one way or the other.
  • If Drew Lock throws, I expect him to come off as impressive. The velocity out of his hands will look different to everyone else throwing.


  • Joshua Jacobs is universally considered the top RB prospect in this class. I do not expect him to run the gambit at the Scouting Combine.
  • I’m fascinated to see if anyone can emerge from the Combine as the clear-cut #2 RB. My money is on either Darrell Henderson or Devin Singletary.
  • The Scouting Combine is for some of the under-hyped prospects to emerge and gain some good pub for themselves. High on my list that fit the bill here are Miles Sanders, James Williams, and Trayveon Williams.





  • Nick Bosa and Josh Allen highlight this class and could potentially go #1 and #2 overall. I’m not sure how much, if anything that these two are going to do.
  • The Scouting Combine is tailor-made for athletic dynamos like Jachai Polite, Brian Burns, and Montez Sweat. Now only will their 40 time and drills be important, but how they weigh in, especially Brian Burns, will play a large factor in their evaluation.


  • Quinnen Williams is the star of this group. I’d love to see how he performs, but no word as of yet to his level of participation.
  • Ed Oliver and Rashan Gary should light up the Scouting Combine. Both players are fantastic athletes. Oliver has been as productive as any defender over the last few seasons. Gary does not have the level of production, but his skill set is one that has GMs and coaches salivating.
  • The Clemson defensive tackle duo should do well for themselves at the Scouting Combine as well. Christian Wilkins is going to win people over with his athleticism, intangibles, and in the interview process. Dexter Lawrence is going to wow with his size to speed combination that you rarely see.


  • A very weak Linebacker class has a few standouts to get excited about. Devin White is the headliner, and like Christian Wilkins, should win over NFL personnel with his intangibles, leadership, and in the interview process.
  • This is an opportunity for Devin Bush to step up and put his name back into the late 1st round conversation.


  • Most in the scouting community have Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy, and Deandre Baker as their top 3 CB in some order. I’m expecting Greedy and Murphy to show very well. Deandre Baker’s athleticism and fluidity has been called into question. Performing well at the Scouting Combine would go a long way in squashing this notion.
  • I actually have Joejuan Williams ranked #1, and the Scouting Combine will be very important for him to show off enough fluidity in the on the field drills to keep his positive momentum going.
  • Many in the know think that Kendall Sheffield is going to look tremendous at the Scouting Combine, and may run the fastest 40 time of any of the participants.
  • Jamel Dean is another under the radar type of prospect to keep an eye on. The 6’2 210 Jr. has all of the physical tools that you could want in a CB at the NFL level.


  • I’m falling in love with this group the more I evaluate the film.
  • There’s a Big 5 in my opinion: Nasir Adderley, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Johnathan Abram, Taylor Rapp, and Deionte Thompson.
  • Personally, I have Nasir Adderley in a tier to his own, a Top 10 prospect in this draft, a special talent. Many other’s in the scouting community evaluate these guys relatively similarly, so seeing how well they perform at the Scouting Combine will be imperative to their overall evaluation.


Annually we look at draft boards and mock drafts. We evaluate prospects and put them in Big Boards. This year, I wanted to take a look back and evaluate the 2019 class and what I feel about our current prospects, versus how I felt about previous prospects in previous drafts.

This exercise was actually cathartic as it allowed me to review how I rated previous draft classes and remember the evaluations that I was on the mark on, those that I can be proud of, and also those that I whiffed on.

I have ranked the prospects over the last 5 years at their position. Enjoy.


  1. Carson Wentz- 2016: Eagles 1(2)
  2. Marcus Mariota- 2015: Titans 1(2)
  3. Jameis Winston- 2015: Buccaneers 1(1)
  4. Josh Rosen- 2018: Cardinals 1(10)
  5. Deshaun Watson- 2017: Texans 1(12)
  6. Jared Goff- 2016: Rams 1(1)
  7. Baker Mayfield- 2018: Browns 1(1)
  8. Sam Darnold- 2018: Jets 1(3)
  9. Josh Allen- 2018: Bills 1(7)
  10. Mitch Trubisky- 2017: Texans 1(2)
  11. Patrick Mahomes- 2017: Chiefs 1(10)
  12. Dwayne Haskins- 2019: Ohio State
  13. Drew Lock- 2019: Missouri
  14. Kyler Murray- 2019: Oklahoma
  15. Lamar Jackson- 2018: Ravens 1(32)

Analysis: What you’ll see immediately is that I am down on the 2019 QB class…I have Haskins, Lock and Murray evaluated as 3rd round talents…looking back, Carson Wentz, Marcus Mariota, and Jamies Winston were far and away the top Quarterbacks I have evaluated in the last 5 years, and make up their own tier…I liked Carson Wentz early on and that only continued to the point I evaluated him to the point that he was my top evaluation since Andrew Luck…Mariota and Winston were neck and neck in 2015 for many teams’ and I was no different…Josh Rosen had my highest grade in 2018 and it wasn’t close…I still believe in Rosen long-term and I hope the Cardinals surround him with help at receiver and along the offensive line…people my criticize my evaluation of Baker Mayfield—rightfully so…I had a 2nd round grade on Baker, and I’ve been proven to be wrong here, he looks legit…in 2017, I gave the edge to Deshaun Watson over Mitch Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes…it looks foolish now that Mahomes walked away with the 2018 NFL MVP trophy…I wasn’t a fan of Lamar Jackson’s evaluation coming into the 2018 NFL Draft, and after watching him play in the league, I still have my doubts..


  1. Saquon Barkley- 2018: Giants 1(2)
  2. Ezekiel Elliott- 2016: Cowboys 1(4)
  3. Leonard Fournette- 2017: Jaguars 1(4)
  4. Christian McCaffrey- 2017: Panthers 1(8)
  5. Todd Gurley- 2015: Rams 1(10)
  6. Derrius Guice- 2018: Redskins 2(27)
  7. Dalvin Cook- 2017: Vikings 2(9)
  8. Joe Mixon- 2017: Bengals 2(15)
  9. Joshua Jacobs- 2019: Alabama
  10. Sony Michel- 2018: Patriots 1(31)
  11. Nick Chubb- 2018: Browns 2(3)
  12. Melvin Gordon- 2015: Chargers 1(16)
  13. Darrell Henderson- 2019: Memphis
  14. Devin Singletary- 2019: Florida Atlantic
  15. Derrick Henry- 2016: Titans 2 (13)
  16. Alvin Kamara- 2017: Saints 3 (3)
  17. Rashaad Penny- 2018: Seahawks 1(27)
  18. David Montgomery- 2019: Iowa State
  19. Kerryon Johnson- 2018: Lions 2(11)
  20. Jay Ajayi- 2016: Dolphins 5 (18)
  21. Ameer Abdullah- 2015: Lions 2 (22)
  22. Elijah Holyfield- 2019: Georgia
  23. Ronald Jones II- 2018: Buccaneers 2(6)
  24. T.J. Yeldon- 2015: Jaguars 2 (4)
  25. Royce Freeman- 2018: Broncos 3(7)

Analysis: At the RB position, the cream really does rise to the top…Saquon Barkley has had the highest grade I’ve given a RB since Adrian Peterson and he makes up his own tier…Zeke and Leonard Fournette had equal grades for me and make up the 2nd tier…there was no doubting Todd Gurley’s talent coming I out of Georgia, but remember, he was coming off of an injury that setback his evaluation a degree…I had Derrius Guice as a Top 10 talent in the draft a year ago—loved his tape…I was a big believer in the 2017 RB class—so much so that even 2nd round picks Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon find their way into this Top 10 list…Joshua Jacobs is the clear-cut top RB in the 2019 Draft class and I see him on a similar tier as Sony Michel, Nick Chubb, and Melvin Gordon…some may be surprised to see Darrell Henderson and Devin Singletary ranked where they are…for starters, I do have a high evaluation on them…secondly, I did not have as high an evaluation as I should have on Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara…I never had a high grade on Ronald Jones III or Royce Freeman and so far this evaluation has proven to be accurate…


  1. Amari Cooper- 2015: Raiders 1(4)
  2. D.K. Metcalf- 2019: Ole Miss
  3. Kevin White- 2015: Bears 1(7)
  4. DeVante Parker- 2015: Dolphins 1(11)
  5. Corey Davis- 2017: Titans 1(5)
  6. Mike Williams- 2017: Chargers 1(7)
  7. Kelvin Harmon- 2019: NC State
  8. Marquise Brown- 2019: Oklahoma
  9. D.J. Moore- 2018: Panthers 1(24)
  10. John Ross- 2017: Bengals 1(9)
  11. Josh Doctson- 2016: Redskins 1
  12. Corey Coleman- 2016: Browns 1
  13. Laquon Treadwell- 2016: Vikings 1
  14. Breshard Perriman- 2015: Ravens 1
  15. N’Keal Harry- 2019: Arizona State
  16. Calvin Ridley- 2018: Falcons 1(26)
  17. Anthony Miller- 2018: Bears 2(19)
  18. Riley Ridley- 2019: Georgia
  19. Courtland Sutton- 2018: Broncos 2(8)
  20. A.J. Brown- 2019: Ole Miss
  21. Michael Thomas- 2016: Ohio State 2
  22. James Washington- 2018: Steelers 2(28)
  23. Dorial Green-Beckham- 2015: Titans 2
  24. Deebo Samuel- 2019: South Carolina
  25. Christian Kirk- 2018: Cardinals 2(15)
  26. JuJu Smith-Schuster- 2017: Steelers
  27. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside- 2019: Stanford
  28. Hakeem Butler- 2019: Iowa State
  29. Sterling Shepard- 2016: Giants 2
  30. Will Fuller- 2016: Texans 1

Analysis: Some may try and forget, but both Amari Cooper and Kevin White received very high grades leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft…this should illustrate how high I am on D.K. Metcalf…I know the production isn’t there to support him, but I trust the tape and talent that I see…I am also very high on Kelvin Harmon and Marquise Brown—I have solid 1st round grades on them as I did the likes of Devante Parker, Corey Davis, and Mike Williams…I may be a tad low on N’Keal Harry—the more I watch, the more I am beginning to like and he may receive a bump up depending on how he does at the Scouting Combine…I’m ashamed of my evaluation on Michael Thomas coming out of Ohio State—but I don’t know many who had a 1st round grade on him…Dorial Green-Beckham—man it’s fun to look  back isn’t it…thought he could become a difference maker at the NFL level—was not meant to be…J.J. Arcega-Whiteside and Hakeem Butler are both physical specimens who also need to show well at the Scouting Combine…


  1. O.J. Howard- 2017: Buccaneers 1(19)
  2. T.J. Hockenson- 2019: Iowa
  3. Dallas Goedert- 2018: Eagles 2(17)
  4. Hunter Henry- 2016: Charges 2
  5. Noah Fant- 2019: Iowa
  6. David Njoku- 2017: Browns 1(25)
  7. Mike Gisecki- 2018: Dolphins 2(10)
  8. Irv Smith- 2019: Alabama
  9. Evan Engram- 2017: Giants 1(23)
  10. Hayden Hurst- 2018: Ravens 1(25)
  11. Jace Sternberger- 2019: Texas A&M
  12. Maxx Williams- 2015: Ravens 2
  13. Dawson Knox- 2019: Ole Miss
  14. Mark Andrews- 2018: Ravens 3(22)
  15. Clive Walford- 2015:
  16. Devin Funchess- 2015:
  17. Ian Thomas- 2018: Panthers 4(1)
  18. Isaac Nauta- 2019: Georgia
  19. Austin Hooper- 2016: Falcons

Analysis: Looking back at the TE position was a fun review also…I loved O.J. Howard something terrible in the 2017 NFL Draft…I could not explain why he fell to 19th overall as I had a Top 5 grade on him…T.J. Hockenson is the truth—he’s only the 2nd TE to have a Top 10 evaluation from me…I had a very high grade on Dallas Goedert and still think his upside is immense…I’d put Howard, Hockenson, and Goedert in the 1st tier…Noah Fant finds himself in the Hunter Henry, David Njoku, and Mike Gisecki tier…some may be surprised to Evan Engram and Hayden Hurst this far down—but I viewed them similarly—non blocking, finesse TE—hit or miss here thus far…what I noticed was the tier drops are much more significant at this position than others…if you want an impact TE, better get your guy early…


  1. Laremy Tunsil- 2016: Dolphins
  2. Ronnie Stanley- 2016: Ravens
  3. Jawaan Taylor- 2019: Florida
  4. Cody Ford- 2019: Oklahoma
  5. Mike McGlinchey- 2018: 49ers1(9)
  6. Cam Robinson- 2017: Jaguars
  7. Jonah Williams- 2019: Alabama
  8. Dalton Risner- 2019: TCU
  9. Yodny Cajuste- 2019: West Virginia
  10. Andre Dillard- 2019: Washington State
  11. Ereck Flowers- 2015: New York Giants
  12. Ryan Ramczyk- 2017: Saints 1(32)
  13. Andrus Peat- 2015: Saints 1
  14. Taylor Decker- 2016: Titans 1
  15. Garrett Bolles- 2017:  Broncos 1(20)
  16. Greg Little- 2019: Ole Miss
  17. David Edwards- 2019: Wisconsin
  18. D.J. Humphries- 2015: Cardinals 1
  19. Kolton Miller- 2018: Oakland 1(15)
  20. Bobby Evans- 2019: Oklahoma

Analysis: A couple strong takeaways from the offensive tackle breakdown…first, this has NOT been a very strong position as of late…some of our better evaluations as of late have been at offensive guard…secondly, I think we are in for a nice bounce back in 2019 as 6 of the offensive tackles in this class find themselves in my Top 10 at the position…some may point to the fact that some of these prospects may kick in to offensive guard—to that I would say, fair enough…2016 had the makings of a great offensive tackle class with my top 2 evaluations—Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley along with Taylor Decker who also went in the 1st round…I’m fascinated to see the 2019 class at the Scouting Combine and during individual workouts—some are going to emerge—I’m just not sure who…I was not very high on prospects the likes of Ereck Flowers, Garrett Bolles, and D.J. Humphries—and so far, these evaluations have proven spot on…


  1. Quenton Nelson- 2018: Indianapolis 1 (6)
  2. Brandon Scherff- 2015: Redskins 1 (5)
  3. Ryan Kelly- 2016: Colts 1
  4. Garrett Bradbury- 2019: NC State
  5. Will Hernandez- 2018: New York Giants 2(2)
  6. Forrest Lamp- 2017: Los Angeles Chargers 2(6)
  7. Cameron Erving- 2015: Browns 1
  8. La’el Collins- 2015: Cowboys (Undrafted)
  9. Isaiah Wynn- 2018: New England 1(23)
  10. Josh Garnett- 2016: 49ers 2
  11. Chris Lindstrom- 2019: Boston College
  12. Billy Price- 2018: Cincinnati 1(21)
  13. Frank Raganow- 2018: Detroit 1(20)
  14. Connor Williams- 2018: Dallas 2(18)
  15. Michael Deiter- 2019: Wisconsin
  16. Cody Whitehair- 2016: Bears 2
  17. Erik McCoy- 2019: Texas A&M
  18. Dru Samia- 2019: Georgia
  19. Connor McGovern- 2019: Penn State
  20. Hroniss Grasu- 2015:
  21. Nick Martin- 2016:
  22. Dan Feeney- 2017: Chargers
  23. Ben Powers- 2019: Georgia
  24. Elgton Jenkins- 2019: Mississippi State
  25. Beau Benzschawel- 2019: Wisconsin

Analysis: We have been very fortunate as of late, in regards to interior offensive lineman…Quenton Nelson was a dynamo that we just haven’t seen—and he gets his own tier…funny, two of the top three on this list were selected by the Indianapolis Colts (Nelson and Kelly)—these selections are paying off in a big way…Garrett Bradbury is clearly the top interior offensive lineman in the 2019 draft class…I would place him on the Scherff/Kelly tier…Chris Linstrom, the next interior lineman in this class receives a very similar evaluation as three 2018 draft picks—Billy Price, Frank Raganow, and Connor Williams…the key here is the outstanding depth for the 2019 draft class…9 of the top 25 prospects are projected from this class—that’s simply outstanding…


  1. Nick Bosa- 2019: Ohio State
  2. Myles Garrett- 2017: Cleveland 1(1)
  3. Joey Bosa- 2016: Chargers 1(3)
  4. Bradley Chubb- 2018: Denver 1(5)
  5. Josh Allen- 2019: Kentucky
  6. Jachai Polite- 2019: Florida
  7. Brian Burns- 2019: Florida State
  8. Clelin Ferrell- 2019: Clemson
  9. Montez Sweat- 2019: Mississippi State
  10. Shane Ray- 2015: Broncos 1
  11. Dante Fowler Jr.- 2015: Jaguars 1(3)
  12. Randy Gregory- 2015: Cowboys
  13. Shaq Lawson- 2016: Bills 1
  14. Derek Barnett- 2017: Eagles 1(14)
  15. Bud Dupree- 2015: Steelers 1
  16. Harold Landry- 2018: Tennessee 2(9)
  17. Charles Omenihu- 2019: Texas
  18. Marcus Davenport- 2018: New Orleans 1(14)
  19. Charles Harris- 2017: Dolphins 1(22)
  20. Zach Allen- 2019: Boston College
  21. Takkarist McKinley- 2017: UCLA 1(26)
  22. Kevin Dodd- 2016: Titans
  23. Taco Charlton- 2017: Michigan 1(28)
  24. Emmanuel Ogbah- 2016: Browns 1
  25. Owa Odighizuwa- 2015:

Analysis: I absolutely love Nick Bosa…he gets the top grade of any edge rusher that we’ve seen in the last 5 years…he combines the athleticism of Myles Garrett with the tenacity and technique of his brother Joey Bosa…speaking of, Nick and Joey Bosa along with Myles Garrett and Bradley Chubb make up the top tier of edge defenders…the next five, yes FIVE prospects on this list come from the 2019 class…if you’re keeping score at home—that’s 6 of our top 9 and 8 of our top 20 edge defenders projecting to come from the 2019 draft class—this is why the 2019 defensive line class is receiving the hype…


  1. Quinnen Williams- 2019: Alabama
  2. Leonard Williams- 2015: Jets 1(6)
  3. Ed Oliver- 2019: Houston
  4. Solomon Thomas- 2017: San Francisco 1(3)
  5. Jonathan Allen- 2017: Washington 1(17)
  6. Sheldon Rankins- 2016: Saints 1
  7. Robert Nkemdiche- 2016: Cardinals
  8. Rashan Gary- 2019: Michigan
  9. Vita Vea- 2018: Tampa Bay 1(12)
  10. Danny Shelton- 2015: Browns 1
  11. DeForest Buckner- 2016: 49ers 1
  12. Christian Wilkins- 2019: Clemson
  13. Taven Bryan- 2018: Jacksonville 1(29)
  14. Malcom Brown- 2015:
  15. Da’Ron Payne- 2018: Washington 1(13)
  16. Dexter Lawrence- 2019: Clemson
  17. Malik McDowell- 2017: Raiders
  18. Eddie Goldman- 2015: Raiders
  19. Dre’Mont Jones- 2019: Ohio State
  20. Jeffery Simmons- 2019: Mississippi State
  21. Jordan Phillips- 2015:
  22. Arik Armstread- 2015: 49ers 1
  23. Jarran Reed- 2016:
  24. Chris Jones- 2016: Chiefs
  25. Grady Jarrett- 2015: Falcons

Analysis: Like Nick Bosa, I love me some Quinnen Williams…he receives the top grade at the defensive tackle position…he’s everything that you want a defensive line prospect…Ed Oliver comes in 3rd on this list—I tend to be a proponent of him despite the fact that I anticipate he’s underweight…I have Quinnen Williams and Leonard Williams on Tier 1, Oliver a tier below…Jeffery Simmons injury is unfortunate…he would have been in the same tier as Oliver, Solomon Thomas, and Jonathan Allen had he not gotten hurt…some are a bit higher on Rashan Gary than am I…I’m starting to come around though—he is a terrific talent, I just don’t like the lack of production…the two Clemson DT prospects could be virtually interchangeable depending upon what you’re looking for on your defensive front…


  1. Roquan Smith- 2018: Chicago 1(8)
  2. Reuben Foster- 2017: San Francisco 1(31)
  3. Myles Jack- 2016: Jaguars 2
  4. Jaylon Smith- 2016: Cowboys 2
  5. Tremaine Edmunds- 2018: Buffalo 1(16)
  6. Leighton Vander Esch- 2018: Cowboys 1(19)
  7. Devin White- 2019: LSU
  8. Eric Kendricks- 2015: Vikings 2
  9. Haason Reddick- 2017: Temple 1(13)
  10. Rashaan Evans- 2018: Titans 1(22)
  11. Darron Lee- 2016: New York Jets 1
  12. Denzel Perryman- 2015: Charges 1
  13. T.J. Watt- 2017: Steelers 1(30)
  14. Jarrad Davis- 2017: Lions 1(21)
  15. Zach Cunningham- 2017: Texans
  16. Devin Bush- 2019: Michigan
  17. Mack Wilson- 2019: Alabama
  18. Darius Leonard- 2018: Indianapolis 2(4)

Analysis: Linebacker, was another position where it was fun to look back on…I really liked Roquan Smith as season ago—I know he’s small, but he fits the modern NFL game…I had a Top 3 grade on Reuben Foster and was stunned watching him tumble down to pick #31…speaking of tumbling, the fascinating 2016 draft where both Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith fell to Round 2—I had Top 5 grades on both players leading up to the draft…Devin White is the prize at the LB position for the 2019 class and there is little question about that…I would put him on the 2nd tier with Tremaine Edmunds, Leighton Vander Esch, and Eric Kendricks…Devin Bush and Mack Wilson are both mid-2nd round values to me…


  1. Jalen Ramsey- 2016: Jaguars 1
  2. Marshon Lattimore- 2017: Saints 1(11)
  3. Jaire Alexander- 2018: Green Bay 1(18)
  4. Denzel Ward- 2018: Cleveland 1(4)
  5. Trae Waynes- 2015: Vikings 1
  6. Vernon Hargreaves III- 2016: Buccaneers 1
  7. Joejuan Williams- 2019: Vanderbilt
  8. Byron Murphy- 2019: Washington
  9. Greedy Williams- 2019: LSU
  10. Mike Hughes- 2018: Minnesota 1(30)
  11. Marcus Peters- 2015: Chiefs 1
  12. Deandre Baker- 2019: Georgia
  13. Gareon Conley- 2017: Raiders 1(24)
  14. Sidney Jones- 2017: Eagles 2(11)
  15. Eli Apple- 2016: Giants 1
  16. Mackensie Alexanders- 2016: Vikings 2
  17. Marlon Humphrey- 2017: Ravens 1(16)
  18. Josh Jackson- 2018: Green Bay 2(13)
  19. Tre’Davious White- 2017: Bills 1(27)
  20. William Jackson III- 2016: Bengals 1
  21. Isaiah Oliver- 2018: Atlanta 2(26)
  22. Adoree Jackson- 2017: Titans 1(18)
  23. Amari Oruwarikye- 2019: Penn State
  24. Kevin King- 2017: Packers 2(1)
  25. Jalen Collins- 2015:
  26. Donte Jackson- 2018: Carolina 2(23)
  27. Julian Love- 2019: Notre Dame
  28. Rock Ya-Sin- 2019: Temple
  29. Trayvon Mullen- 2019: Clemson
  30. Lonnie Johnson Jr.- 2019: Kentucky

Analysis: Jalen Ramsey is my #1 rated CB on this list and receives his own tier—I thought he was a future All-Pro and this has come to fruition…you may notice that I have Jaire Alexander above Denzel Ward—this is no accident…coming into the 2018 draft I had a Top 10 grade on Jaire Alexander so he received the nod, for me, over Ward…Vernon Hargreaves has become a bust, but most had a high grade on him coming into 2016—and I was no different…some have suggested that the 2019 CB class is a weak one, and I simply don’t agree—provided the context…3 of the top 9 and 4 of the top 12 projected to come from this class—I am significantly higher on these prospects than the masses…JoeJuan Williams being my #1 CB overall will grab your attention…I believe in his upside and I believe that his physicality will match up at the NFL level—these are questions I have for the likes of Byron Murphy and Deandre Baker…I enjoy the depth of this CB class as well…9 of the top 30 CB prospects—this is another position where the Scouting Combine is all too important…awaiting one of the Oruwariye, Love, Ya-Sin, Mullen and Johnson Jr. crowd to emerge and gain momentum…


  1. Jamal Adams- 2017: New York Jets 1(6)
  2. Derwin James- 2018: Los Angeles Chargers 1(17)
  3. Nasir Adderley- 2019: Delaware
  4. Malik Hooker- 2017: Colts 1(15)
  5. Minkah Fitzpatrick- 2018: Miami 1(11)
  6. Landon Collins- 2015: Giants 2
  7. Justin Reid- 2018: Houston 3(4)
  8. Vonn Bell- 2016: Saints
  9. Budda Baker- 2017: Cardinals 2(4)
  10. Jabrill Peppers- 2017: Browns 1(25)
  11. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson- 2019: Florida
  12. Johnathan Abram- 2019: Mississippi State
  13. Taylor Rapp- 2019: Washington
  14. Deionte Thompson- 2019: Alabama
  15. Keanu Neal- 2016: Falcons
  16. Obi Melifonwu- 2017:
  17. Terrell Edmunds- 2018: Pittsburgh 1(28)
  18. Damarious Randall- 2015: Packers
  19. Su’a Cravens- 2016:
  20. Karl Joseph- 2016: Raiders 1

Anaylsis: I have Nasir Adderley as a Top 10 overall prospect…not many others do, but I’ll plant my flag on his potential as a prospect…I don’t have him on my Top tier at the Safety position however…that position is reserved for the duo of Jamal Adams and Derwin James—they have a slightly higher grade than what I am giving Nasir Adderley, who is on the Malik Hooker, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Landon Collins second tier…Justin Reid may seem out of place, but I had a really high grade on him a season ago, and was very surprised to see him fall all the way to the 3rd round…I am falling in love with this safety class…the class that the 2019 version reminds me of the most—2007: Laron Landry, Michael Griffin, Reggie Nelson, and Brandon Meriweather were 1st rounders that I really liked at the time…I have late 1st round grades on Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Johnathan Abram, Taylor Rapp, and Deionte Thompson…



1st ROUND:

  1. With the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardinals select: Nick Bosa DE Ohio State Buckeyes: Barring any sort of trade, this decision ultimately will come down to Nick Bosa, the edge rusher from Ohio State with the family lineage versus Quinnen Williams, the monstrous interior presence who broke onto the scene in 2018 and was the most dominating force in the game. It’s a tough call really. For the Cardinals I lean Nick Bosa. Such a complete edge rusher doesn’t come around every day. If he can develop like his brother Joey, they have a multi-year All Pro on their hands.
  • With the 2nd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select: Quinnen Williams DT Alabama Crimson Tide: Another team with a tough decision on their hands. Many in the scouting industry believe that the 49ers will select DE/OLB Josh Allen from Kentucky, due to the fact that they have 1st rounders littered across their defensive line and they need a pass rusher off the edge. While this is sound thinking, you don’t go away from the better player—and I have Williams substantially ahead of Allen. Also, you don’t pass on a difference making talent like Quinnen Williams because you have Arik Armstead or Solomon Thomas—those are the type of decisions that get coaches and GMs fired.
  • With the 4th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select: Ed Oliver DT Houston Cougars: I know what you’re likely thinking…the Raiders REALLY need an outside pass rusher to replace Khalil Mack. I had that thought too, but here’s the truth about that thought…no matter is it’s the 4th pick, the 24th pick, 27th…so on…NO ONE is going to be able to replace Mack. Why not take the best, most natural pass rusher, regardless of position? There will be doubters due to Ed Oliver’s size at around 280 lbs. To that I will say, just watch the film. Oliver explodes when you watch him play, and his production is off the chart. Ed Oliver would be a great foundation piece to begin the rebuild of the Oakland Raiders.
  • With the 5th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: Jawaan Taylor OT Florida Gators: Admittedly, this is a tough spot for the Buccaneers. In fact, this selection and the 4th pick of the Raiders, in my opinion, are the top landing spots to explore if you want to trade up for a QB—especially Dwayne Haskins. The Buccaneers could use help on both sides of the line. It feels like their more desperate need is on the offensive side, and with Bruce Arians tasked with developing Jameis Winston, keeping him upright is paramount. With Jonah Williams, and possibly Cody Ford having to kick to the inside to offensive guard, I would expect the Buccaneers to prioritize Jamaal Taylor—who’s length and size would suggest that he play at one of the tackle positions.
  • With the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the New York Giants select: Rashan Gary DE/DT Michigan Wolverines: Everyone and their momma are projecting the New York Giants to take Dwayne Haskins. There are a few things at play here. One, I think it’s possible that the Jaguars leapfrog the Giants in order to secure Dwayne Haskins. Two, Dave Gettleman prefers to build his team along their offensive and defensive lines, so it’s entirely possible if Haskins even is here, that the Giants pass once more. If the Giants are hellbent on building up their lines they will be looking at the likes of Clelin Ferrell, Rashan Gary, etc. On the offensive side, they could choose either a Cody Ford or Jonah Williams. The Giants put a ton of money into Nate Solder a season ago, and invested a 2nd rounder in Will Hernandez in the 2018 draft. I expect the Giants to go back to basics with this selection. The Giants have had the most success when they are generating a pass rush—and they need help there now. They could use a scheme-versatile defensive presence, and that’s what Rashan Gary could be.
  • With the 8th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select: Devin White LB LSU Tigers: The Lions could go any number of different directions here with the 8th overall selection. With Ezekiel Ansah eyeing Free Agency, they could use help along the defensive line with pass rushing. The Lions could also use some secondary help, and a counterpart for Darius Slay. On the offensive side of the football—some additional firepower to replace Golden Tate or a functioning TE wouldn’t hurt. At the end of the day, I have the Lions going a different direction. Devin White is one of the safer prospects in the 2019 class. A player like White would immediately begin to transform the Lions defense and bring an element of leadership to the table.
  • With the 9th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills select: Cody Ford OT/OG Oklahoma Sooners: The Buffalo Bills are one of the least talented teams in the NFL, so they could go in any direction and I wouldn’t be especially surprised. Ultimately, I expect them to try and build around 2nd year QB Josh Allen, and provide him the best opportunity for success. This selection certainly feels like Cody Ford or Jonah Williams versus D.K. Metcalf to me. I really like D.K. Metcalf, his talent is off the charts, but he is a complete projection with a lack of tangible evidence to support a Top 10 pick. Jonah Williams is the safe pick. Whether he translates to the Right Tackle position or inside to offensive guard, you know what you’re getting with Williams. Cody Ford looks to be the most dominating presence on the offensive line remaining. If the Bills want to be a physical team and take care of the trenches, drafting Cody Ford is a great place to start.
  • With the 10th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select: Drew Lock QB Missouri Tigers: After the trade for Joe Flacco, many will be projecting other position players here at pick #10. Let’s consider those options shall we? With the Broncos already invested in Von Miller and Bradley Chubb—the edge rushers like Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Montez Sweat, and Brian Burns don’t really fit. I don’t see the Broncos investing yet ANOTHER high pick at the WR position—after investing in Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton. You’re evaluating the inconsistent CB class—the likes of Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy, Deandre Baker, and Joejuan Williams. T.J. Hockenson could sneakily be in the mix here as well. I can’t see John Elway looking at Drew Lock, and not salivating at the possibilities and the upside that he has. I would expect Elway to tie his future to a young QB, and Drew Lock is the selection here at pick #10.
  • With the 11th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select: Kyler Murray QB Oklahoma Sooners: And here…we…go…the wildcard pick of the 1st round comes here at pick #11. This will raise some eyebrows I’m sure, because this is the anti-Bengals pick. I’m sure many will project the Bengals to take Devin White or someone ‘safe’ like that. I can’t imagine that new Head Coach Zac Taylor and the Bengals regime looks at their division and thinks to themselves…”Big Ben…Baker Mayfield…Lamar Jackson…yeah—we’re good here with Andy Dalton.” The time certainly feels right to begin to turn the page at the QB position here. Kyler Murray is the type of prospect that would open up Taylor’s playbook, and the Bengals take the plunge on the unknown here at pick #11.
  • With the 12th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select: T.J. Hockenson TE Iowa Hawkeyes: The Packers are one of those teams, where their needs seem pretty clear. On defense they would use help off the edge, and at the safety position. On offense, they could use some help with weaponry for Aaron Rodgers—whether that be at the WR position, or more prominently, at the TE position. I love Nasir Adderley, so I would consider him here, but it doesn’t feel like the NFL scouting community is as high on Adderley as I am. Clelin Ferrell, Montez Sweat, Jachai Polite, and Brian Burns have to be in the conversation here. How the Packers proceed this off-season as it relates to Nick Perry and Kyler Fackrell will speak volumes. Has there even been a quieter double digit sack season than Fackrell’s in 2018? The Packers seemed to prioritize getting Rodgers a weapon at TE heading into last season, but the Jimmy Graham experiment seems to have run it’s course. I love T.J. Hockenson and have him as a Top 10 prospect in this draft class. A weapon like that would open up this offense for Aaron Rodgers tremendously. New Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur has been tasked with getting the most out of A-Rod and this offense, and selecting T.J. Hockenson here at pick #12 goes a long way in doing so.
  • With the 13th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: D.K. Metcalf WR Ole Miss Rebels: With the top three QB prospects off the board by pick #13, and with rumors circulating that the Miami Dolphins are ‘tanking’ in order to select Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert in the 2020 NFL Draft, this projection would make some sense, lay the groundwork with some weapons for whoever will be your future QB. Remember, this is a team that might lose Kenny Stills, Devante Parker, and Danny Amendola—there are a lot of targets to fill here. D.K. Metcalf is a dynamic talent and would bring some excitement to the city of Miami.
  • With the 14th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Atlanta Falcons select: Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson Tigers: I am expecting that GM Thomas Dimitroff, Head Coach Dan Quinn, and the Atlanta Falcons brain trust to prioritize building up their defense, particularly, their defensive line. Vic Beasley has not produced the way the Falcons were hoping since his breakout 2016 season, and there’s a chance they move on from him. This would open an even larger priority at the edge position. I love Christian Wilkins, more than most, but again, this is not about what I would do, it’s about what these NFL teams will do, and the feeling around the league is that this is a little bit too rich for a low-ceiling, high-floor prospect like Wilkins. I’m expecting the Falcons to take advantage of the depth at the edge position, and Clelin Ferrell is as complete a defensive end prospect this side of Nick Bosa. Great value, and it fills a need—great pick for the Atlanta Falcons here at the 14th selection.
  • With the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Washington Redskins select: Daniel Jones QB Duke Blue Devils: Let me get this out of the way right now. I don’t have a Top 100 grade on Daniel Jones. I see him as a late-round prospect, who’s game is very vanilla and average. Reportedly, the Redskins were targeting a trade for Joe Flacco before the Ravens agreed to move him to Denver for a 4th round pick. I’m not expecting the Eagles to let Foles go within the division, so the Redskins options at the QB position are slowly dwindling. I personally think that this would be a HUGE mistake, a waste of assets, and would set the franchise back substantially, but they do need someone behind center—so Daniel Jones is the projection here with the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.
  • With the 17th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select: Greedy Williams CB LSU Tigers: Greedy is a polarizing guy. You can see the talent, but you can also see the fact that he doesn’t like being physical, and in fact, takes entire plays off. How this plays out in NFL teams’ war rooms will be fascinating to see. If you can talk yourselves into believing you can get the most out of Greedy—you’re getting a Top 5-10 talent. The Browns pairing Greedy Williams with Denzel Ward is almost too good to pass up.
  • With the 18th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select: Jonah Williams OT/OG Alabama Crimson Tide: I understand that some will see this projection and immediately question the validity of this mock draft, but hear me out. I know Jonah Williams is highly regarded in many circles, but the league has their question marks. Many feel that Williams is going to grade out as an offensive guard and not a offensive tackle—which I could see hurting his value somewhat. The Vikings have a need all across their line, so having a player the talent and pedigree of Jonah Williams fall into their laps is too good to be true and makes so much sense for the projection here with the 18th overall pick.
  • With the 19th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans select: Montez Sweat DE/OLB Mississippi State Bulldogs: Admittedly, I have a great deal of trouble putting my finger on the direction and needs for the Tennessee Titans. WR pops out to me, but I don’t get the feeling the Titans are placing a priority on that position. I could see the Titans investing at the TE position to replace longtime stalwart Delanie Walker. Some feel they need help at the CB position—but they have made large investments in Malcolm Butler, Logan Ryan, and Adoree Jackson. I take a look at their pass rushers, and they rotate their players in, but the fact that Derrick Morgan and Brian Orakpo combined for just two sacks in 2018 should raise the eyebrow. Montez Sweat is sliding a little bit here, so I could see the Titans pounce here and add another young playmaker in this defense.
  • With the 20th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select: Kelvin Harmon WR NC State Wolfpack: This projection may be a bit reactionary, and out of the norm for the Steelers, but if they are potentially losing an All-World talent like Antonio Brown—it’s hard not be reactionary. Personally, I can’t see the Steelers going into next season with just JuJu and James Washington at the position next season. JuJu Smith-Schuster is a star, no question, but James Washington didn’t exactly set the world on fire in 2018. Kelvin Harmon feels pretty sure as the #2 WR off the board at this point, and adding a downfield playmaker like Harmon would help Big Ben and this offense as a whole.
  • With the 22nd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens select: Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma Sooners: The Baltimore Ravens need to continue to develop their offense around the uniquely-talented Lamar Jackson. They have placed a priority in providing Jackson with TE outlets, but now need to take a hard look at their WR position. Want to help alleviate concerns regarding Lamar Jackson’s accuracy issues, find a weapon who can outrun everyone on the field. Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown can stretch the field like few prospects we have seen in recent memory. I like this fit a great deal for the Ravens here at the 22nd overall pick.
  • With the 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select: Jachai Polite DE/OLB Florida Gators: We have now reached the portion of the draft where I LOVE these players and think they will offer tremendous value if they slide this far. I love Jachai Polite. He is as electric off the edge as any prospect in this draft. Some may ding him for being a bit undersized and for having one year or production—but I won’t be one of them. I have Polite as a Top 5 talent in this draft. If the Raiders are able to secure Jachai Polite after drafting Ed Oliver with the #4 pick overall, they will immediately get a jolt to their defense and their pass rushing, which is desperately needed.
  • With the 27th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select: Joshua Jacobs RB Alabama Crimson Tide: Some might consider this a bit of a tumble for Joshua Jacobs. Look, I love Joshua Jacobs as much as the next guy, he is head and shoulders above the other RB in this class. That being said, the RB position is simply not a position that the NFL puts a lot of value in. Some teams sweat off using any of their high-end assets at the RB position—period. The Raiders continue to clean up as they add a sparkplug to their offense here with the dynamic Joshua Jacobs.


  • With the 57th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select: Darrell Henderson RB Memphis Tigers: The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the teams in the NFL that do not place a high priority on the RB position. It would not surprise me in the least if they left without a defined piece at the RB position—even after making three picks in the draft. That being said, if they do make a pick early, I’m expecting it to be a dynamic, explosive player. Darrell Henderson could easily be described as the most explosive back in the 2019 draft class. He would add a missing piece of the Eagles offense that they haven’t had since they dealt Shady McCoy.

3rd ROUND:

  • With the 67th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select: Joe Jackson DE Miami (FL) Hurricanes: The 49ers FINALLY add their player off the edge. Joe Jackson is better with his hand in the ground so the transition to standing up in a two-point stance will need some coaching up.
  • With the 80th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select: Renell Wren DT Arizona State Sun Devils: The Browns are beginning to load up on young talent. Renell Wren is a rising prospect who would fit nicely alongside Myles Garrett and company.
  • With the 88th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select: Jaylon Ferguson DE Louisiana Tech Rajun Cajuns: I like the Jaylon Ferguson pick here for the Lions. Ferguson can project to play in either a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme, and can help replace a potentially departed Ezekile Ensah.

Nate Davis Scouting Report

  1. Nate Davis 6’3 310 Charlotte (SR)

STRENGTHS: Nate Davis has the potential to develop into a dynamic run blocking offensive guard at the next level…Davis plays with a strong, solid base most of the time…good, strong hands…once Nate Davis latches on to you, rarely can you get away…moves better than you would think…has the ability to get to the 2nd level…very strong blocker…plays with a nastiness you like to see…

WEAKNESSES: Nate Davis has shown poor, sloppy footwork far too often…needs a lot of work to develop consistency…occasionally, allows himself to get too narrow…when he does, he gets beat with counter moves…Davis also has a tendency as a waist bender and gets his weight over his feet—another fundamental that needs to be cleaned up…

COMP: Josh Garnett

OVERALL: Nate Davis has found a home in the interior offensive line after initially struggling to find success at the offensive tackle position…Davis has a variety of skills and traits that are appealing to the scouting community—just need to mold them all together into one prospect…that being said, Nate Davis is far from a finished product and will need a great deal of refinement at the NFL level. My expectation is that Nate Davis is a third day prospect, and will be drafted somewhere around the 4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Emmanuel Hall Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Emmanuel Hall’s calling card is his element of speed…he is explosive in and out of his breaks and effects the game vertically and horizontally…his combination of speed and route running causes good separation…a plus athlete…Emmanuel Hall has the potential to be a plus-YAC…very shifty and elusive in the open field…Hall plays with great nuance and varies his game to keep opposing defensive backs off-balance…

WEAKNESSES: Emmanuel Hall needs to work on his pass catching…has shown inconsistent hands throughout his career at Missouri…Hall needs to improve his physicality in order to find consistent success in the NFL…must get stronger…does not do a good job playing through contact…given his lack of physicality—he does not project to be an asset as a run blocker…

COMP: Will Fuller

OVERALL: Emmanuel Hall is yet another receiver in this incredibly deep receiver class who is not receiving his due praise…Hall has the potential to develop into a complete WR…route running is great, acceleration off the line is top-notch, his route running has high-end potential…there truly is a lot to like here for Emmanuel Hall…I don’t foresee him becoming the most physical WR, but in the modern day NFL—a prospect like Emmanuel Hall can thrive…I like Emmanuel Hall in the mix of the 3rd-4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Mecole Hardman Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Mecole Hardman is one of the players in this draft, that when you put on the tape, his speed and acceleration jumps out to you…Hardman is truly electrifying with the ball in his hands…Hardman gained ground on the opposing defensive back with ease, and in many times, would blow right past them…fluid hips transitions in different directions with ease…incredibly shifty in the open field…Hardman’s double moves are exquisite…Hardman is a plus ball carrier who can be used on screens, jet sweeps, and as a returner…

WEAKNESSES: The most glaring weakness for Mecole Hardman is his lack of size and physicality…at just 185 lbs. you have to wonder how much of an impact he can have at the NFL level…potential durability concerns could derail his explosivesness…he will never be a big asset in run blocking due to his stature…

COMP: Tarik Cohen

OVERALL: Mecole Hardman and Parris Campbell are very similar prospects…both are unique, gifted athletes who can be utilized as weapons at the NFL level, but both have a long way to go to become a legit WR option…Hardman was not asked to run a diverse passing tree while at Georgia…Mecole Hardman is going to show off as we move through draft season…a gadget player to begin his career, Mecole Hardman has the traits to become more…I love a forward thinking offensive minded coach selecting Mecole Hardman in the 3rd-4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Antoine Wesley Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Antoine Wesley is a terrific downfield WR option…uses his body well to ward off defenders…goes up and gets the football at it’s highest point…an above the rim performer who can out leap most defensive backs…excels in catching the football through contact…at 6’5 200, Wesley has outstanding length for the WR position…big, strong, good hands allows him to come up with the football…good long speed to catches defenders off guard…causes more separation on longer routes than you would originally expect…

WEAKNESSES: Antoine Wesley is wildly inconsistent in regards to virtually every part of his game…a lack of quickness is the most startling weakness in Wesley’s game…he allows the football to get into his body too many times…might struggle against press man coverage…has not shown the ability to play well with his hands at the line of scrimmage and get off of the jam and into his route cleanly…

COMP: Kenny Britt

OVERALL: Antoine Wesley broke on to the scene and on the consciousness of the NFL scouting community in 2018…1,400 yards receiving late and he is firmly in the NFL Draft conversation…only one year of production may be a concern to some…Welsey oozes with talent at 6’5 200—and he is just scratching the surface of his upside…has the looks of an outside WR who can make plays against any defense…ready for the rigors of the NFL game…Antoine Wesley is firmly in the 3rd-4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Parris Campbell Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that shines on the film when you watch Parris Campbell is his unique speed and quickness…Campbell is a high-end athlete and it shows…dynamic weapon in the offense…will be effective after the catch…shifty in the open field…great field vision allows him to make defenders miss…fluid hips…able to switch gears with ease…

WEAKNESSES: Parris Campbell has one of the more limited passing tree of any of the receivers in this draft class…Campbell is going to need a ton of work as a traditional WR at the NFL level…his hands are also going to need a lot of work…more dropped passes than you would have liked to have seen…lacks the necessary physicality in his game to succeed in contested catches—a large concern heading into the more physical NFL…you have to question his full-time role due to a lack of blocking acumen…

COMP: Taylor Gabriel

OVERALL: Parris Campbell has legit, game-changing type of speed…however, he does not have any idea what he is doing as a WR at this point…one of the more ‘raw’ WR prospects in this draft as it relates to his route running and what he can bring in a full-time role…expecting him to step on to the NFL field as a WR in his rookie season would be setting poor expectations for the player and the franchise…he is more of a gadget player, but can still effect the game in a few different ways…I’m expecting some teams to prioritize a player like Parris Campbell and their willingness to develop him around the 3rd-4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Preston Williams Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Preston Williams possesses unique and special traits/athleticism for the WR position…outstanding long-speed…will threaten a NFL defense vertically the moment hesteps on the football field…Preston Williams projects to be a force after the catch and a YAC machine…smooth hands…physically imposing…there is no doubting the talent and we have just seen a sliver of what Williams can do…

WEAKNESSES: First and foremost, you need to address the elephant in the room…Preston Williams transferred from Tennessee to Colorado State and was forced to sit out the 2017 season due to suspension stemming from a misdemeanor assault charge…this is an issue that will keep Preston Williams away from the Scouting Combine and one in which he will have to address with NFL teams leading up to the NFL Draft…Preston Williams needs to use his length to his advantage…he lets the ball get in on his pads—this is unacceptable given the talent that he has to work with…the way he adjusts to the pass in the air is erratic in general…a very raw WR as it relates to his technical ability…will need a ton of work with NFL coaching…needs to play more physical at the point of contact…can be jammed and slowed at the line of scrimmage due to a lack of explosiveness off the line…his blocking is also all over the place…

COMP: Chris Henry

OVERALL: Preston Williams will be one of the more fascinating test studies heading into the 2019 NFL Draft…Williams has many red flags and is extremely raw…expecting initial impact from Preston Williams would be foolhardy…that being said, you don’t come across prospects like Preston Williams everyday…he is truly unique and extremely gifted…if you are looking for that mid-round, hype upside WR—look no further than Preston Williams…buyer beware…there is plenty of risk here, but there is also plenty of reward…given his red flags, his draft projection is significantly more fluid than most, but for the time being, I have him in the late 3rd-early 4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.