Amani Oruwariye Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Amari Oruwariye possesses the prototypical measurables that the NFL scouting community looks for in their defensive backs…a highly intelligent football player…Oruwariye is rarely in a bad position…fundamentally sound…good feet…no waste in movement…a strong prospect who should be able to match up with bigger, stronger WR at the NFL level…does a good job of finding the ball in the air and making a play…a versatile defensive back who plays well in both man to man and in zone…

WEAKNESSES: Amari Orowariye should play more physically than he does…he does not tackle very well, and he should…this raises a red flag to whether or not he will be able to handle the physical nature of the NFL game…if he didn’t want to put his nose in there at the college game, I wouldn’t imagine that would change for the NFL…does not show high level quickness…a bit stiff in his transitions…

COMP: Robert Alford

OVERALL: Amari Oruwariye causes great debate in the scouting community…his Scouting Combine and individual workouts are going to a long way to establishing his value…you like the size that Oruwariye brings to the table, so in theory he would match up well with NFL receivers…the issue being is that he is just not very physical…Oruwariye is not on the Byron Murphy, Greedy Williams, or Deandre Baker level—but he’s just one step down…Amari Oruwariye is shaping up as a 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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