Brian Burns Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that jumps off the tape about Brian Burns is just how explosive he is…his tape is electrifying…he gets to the edge as fast as any pass rusher in the 2019 NFL Draft…lightning fast…possesses outstanding length…causes separation from the would-be blocker…Burns has a variety of pass rush moves including a very nice spin move…his agility and bend measurables are off the charts…plays with all out effort 24/7…can move him all around the defensive formation…

WEAKNESSES: Brian Burns most glaring weakness is his lack of prowess in run defense…his playing weight was reportedly 235—you have to wonder if he will get manhandled at the NFL level…does not have the lower body strength to be a punishing tackler…

COMP: Aldon Smith

OVERALL: Brian Burns is flat-out a dynamic prospect…he is a ball-hawking, defensive disruptive force off the edge…in a league that is prioritizing the pass rush now more than ever—Brian Burns is going to garner a great deal of attention as we move throughout the process…his size was one of the larger hurdles in the draft process–and Burns checked that box by showing up at the Scouting Combine at a much higher weight, but it was a good weight and worked out tremendously…Brian Burns is a personal favorite of mine…I think he can add 15-20 lbs. early in his career and develop as a consistent force that offensive coordinators will have to game plan for…a lock 1st rounder, I’m thinking Brian Burns could sneak into the Top 10-15 picks of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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