Charles Omenihu

STRENGTHS: The first thing that pops on the screen when evaluating Charles Omenihu is his tremendous size and length…does a great job of using his length to his benefit by keeping offensive lineman away from him…his huge wingspan allows him to reach the oppositions ball carrier—where others would not be able to make the play…a versatile defender—Charles Omenihu could find success on the outside, or along the interior…a very gifted athlete…has the skill set that has the eye of the NFL scouting community…

WEAKNESSES: The biggest question mark for Charles Omenihu is where he will play at the next level…it is questionable whether he has the speed to play on the outside…it is also questionable whether he has the strength in the lower half to be able to sustain playing at the defensive tackle position…some will view Charles Omenihu as a one year wonder given his level of production…

COMP: Arik Armstead

OVERALL: Charles Omenihu is one of the faster rising prospects as we head towards the NFL Draft…the scouting community will most certainly be challenged while evaluating Omenihu…the primary issue that I see is ideally he plays a 3-4 Defensive End—which limits his appeal to many teams who don’t play a 3-4 base…regardless, he has top notch athleticism and appears to be just scratching the surface of his potential…I would expect Charles Omenihu to be drafted between the 1st and 2nd rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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