Chase Winovich Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Chase Winovich plays the game all out, every single snap…a true blue collar type of player, Winovich galvanizes his defensive teammates…Winovich plays with proper technique and is relatively polished in the nuances of the game…possesses a variety of pass rush moves…good, quick hands…can shed a block at the point of contact…relentless drive…

WEAKNESSES: Chase Winovch needs to become a more consistent form tackler and wrap up thoroughly…his speed off the edge isn’t anything special…finds himself moved past the backfield with ease far too often…Winovich is not the best athlete…not very fluid—has shown some stiff tendencies…

COMP: Brooks Reed

OVERALL: Chase Winovich may not be the high-tier athlete that several of his contemporaries are, but he certainly gets the most out of his athletic gifts…relentless is the best way to describe his overall game—leaves it all out there on the field…the problem is that he does not have the best bend off the edge, so he is countered relatively easy by bigger, stronger athletes—which is what he will see a ton of at the NFL level. Chase Winovich brings high-energy and excellent intangibles, so there is something to like here, currently I would suggest that he will ultimately wind up in the 3rd round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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