Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is one of the more versatile safeties in the 2019 draft class…you like the fact that you can line up Gardner-Johnson all over the football field…CGJ can line up deep in coverage, you can line him up in the box, you can play him as a press defender and line him up in the slot…a defensive chess piece if you will—a jack of all trades…this versatility will appeal to every defense in the NFL…excellent range and quickness, can cover a ton of ground…the more you watch, the more you like…

WEAKNESSES: You just wish you saw the glimpses from Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on every play…his film is all over the place…needs to improve in regards to his Football IQ…far too many instances of Chauncey Gardner-Johnson getting burnt or blowing the coverage altogether…his motor seems to have run hot and cold…not going to knock your socks off in run defense…

COMP: Jimmie Ward

OVERALL: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is another prospect where the more film you watch on him, the more you come to like…a fun evaluation…good to watch a prospect be able to line-up anywhere on the football field, in a variety of match-ups, and still find success…Gardner-Johnson feels like a prospect who is continuing to get better…he still needs to get a bit more physical, especially in run defense…his calling-card is versatility and NFL teams love defensive versatility…I believe Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is a bit underrated actually…I have a 1st round grade on him…expect Gardner-Johnson to be a late 1st-early 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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