Chris Lindstrom Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Chris Lindstrom is one of the more athletic interior offensive lineman in the 2019 NFL Draft…he is a very savvy and aware player that can succeed in virtually any offense…has strong, quick hands that plays well in countering pass rush moves…suddenly quick off of the line of scrimmage…able to counter the quickness of speed rushers…a tough football player that plays through the whistle…a technican…

WEAKNESSES: Like several of his contemporaries at the position, Chris Lindstrom does not have the ideal length that you look for in your offensive lineman…may develop issues with longer athletes in the NFL…Chris Lindstrom will need to continue to work on his functional strength…he tends to depend on his quickness more so than strength—will he be overpowered at the next level..?

COMP: Jonathan Cooper

OVERALL: Chris Lindstrom is one of the cleaner prospects heading into the 2019 draft. A plug and play starter, you know exactly what you are getting in Lindstrom. Has the versatility to play either offensive guard position, and could potentially play Right Tackle if you are in a bind…length could pose a problem, but for the most part—if he can still get stronger, you have a relatively safe prospect. I would expect Chris Lindstrom to be selected from picks 16-30 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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