Chuma Edoga Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Chuma Edoga has outstanding feet…the type of quickness that allows for him to pick up defenders laterally—more so than virtually any other offensive tackle prospects in this draft…quick, fluid hips allow for Edoga to move like few others…Edoga has great length that neutralizes would be defenders…fundamentally sound…plays the game quickly and adapts to what he sees on the fly…plus footwork and plus mobility allows for Chuma Edoga to extend beyond the line of scrimmage to the next level, picking up additional blocks…

WEAKNESSES: The primary issue that I saw with Chuma Edoga was that he simply did not illustrate the same level of power that many of his offensive tackle contemporaries did…at under 300 lbs. this concern will not go away—the criticism will only get louder and more persistent…his hand usage is inconsistent and will need additional work as he translates his game to the NFL level…his lower base is also a weak spot…doesn’t play as sturdily as many others in this class…

COMP: James Carpenter

OVERALL: Chuma Edoga is a fascinating prospect…his athletic ability shines at times on tape…he moves like a much smaller man, so you see where he has value…the primary issues is that his lack of size and physicality will most likely force him into the interior at the next level…this wouldn’t be a bad thing to me…I like the idea of Chuma Edoga pulling and leading on running plays…I think there is upside here that has yet to be untapped…I am projecting Chuma Edoga into the late 3rd-early 4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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