Connor McGovern Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that pops on the film is how athletic Connor McGovern is…for a prospect 6’5 320—he can really move and his mobility is off the charts…you like his ability to engage at the line of scrimmage and then move up and pick up additional blocks down the field…strong, functional strength at the point of contact…very fluid hips that has shown the ability to shift to the left or the right with ease…plays with an edge and a nastiness that teams love to see…plays to the whistle…

WEAKNESSES: You have to question Connor McGovern’s ability to audible and call the plays at the line of scrimmage from the Center position…too many times, it appears that he gets caught off guard…he is going to need some refinement on his work in the ‘phonebooth’ if you would…finds himself on the defensive due to inconsistent hands…needs to work with better leverage…a bit concerned with Connor McGovern’s length…has had issues with this at the collegiate level, and it will only get worse at the NFL level as he’ll be consistently facing bigger, stronger athletes…

COMP: Forrest Lamp

OVERALL: Connor McGovern has been one of the more underrated interior offensive lineman prospects so far in the draft process…I like how Connor McGovern’s game will adapt to the NFL style of play…he is super athletic and mobile…for teams looking for Center’s to get up and beyond the line of scrimmage, Connor McGovern is your guy…he is struggling a bit at the point of contact…he needs some high-level coaching and to improve his use of his length…his deficiencies can be improved…I like the upside of Connor McGovern, and like him more than most…I have him in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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