Daniel Jones Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: At 6’5 220, Daniel Jones is from central casting for what you would look for in what a NFL Quarterback looks like…Jones is a versatile prospect who has shown the ability to hurt a defense with his arm, but also with his legs…Jones has a lively arm…he has his share of highlight packages…Jones would adapt well to the physical nature of the NFL—built thickly, you are not as concerned with injury like you all with some of the other QB prospects in the 2019 draft class…playing for David Cutcliffe, you know Daniel Jones is a cerebral prospect who can effect the game from a mental aspect.

WEAKNESSES: Daniel Jones’ tape showed wild inconsistencies…the downside to working in the David Cutcliffe offense is much of the reads and decisions are made for you…when asked to adapt and “make a play”—Daniel Jones struggled…his lack of progression over the course of his collegiate career is a bit disconcerting…whereas other prospects can throw off of multiple platforms—Daniel Jones struggles when asked to play outside of the safe confines of the offense…

COMP: Blaine Gabbert

OVERVIEW: I know that I will be in the minority here, but I don’t get what all of the fuss is about as it relates to the future of Daniel Jones. I didn’t see anything special in his tape, I didn’t see the skill or talent that wows or jumps off at you. I simply saw a prototypical size QB prospects that lacks the play-in, play-out consistency that the NFL game requires. It raises a red flag to me that he didn’t put it all together under the guidance of Manning family favorite David Cutcliffe. Daniel Jones is going to get rave reviews, and you’ll even hear chatter that he might be a Top 10 pick—that is going to happen. Mark me down as a skeptic—I have him as a mid-late rounder, nothing more.

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