Darnell Savage Jr. Scouting Report

STRENGHTS: Darnell Savage Jr. plays with good fundamentals and is a sure tackler in both pass and run defense…has no problem being a heavy hitter…Savage has impressive quickness…explosive athlete that can play well in man defense as well as zone defense…Savage has good ball skills…breaks on the football very well…tone-setter in the secondary when he leaves his mark with punishing shots…good feet…allows Savage to transition well from platform to platform…

WEAKNESSES: Darnell Savage Jr. will overcommit at times…this leaves him vulnerable to the big play…Darnell Savage Jr. is one of the more raw safety prospects…going to need a great deal of work on his fundamentals…does not have the range to play single high safety…not as versatile of a prospect as many of his contemporaries…

COMP: Mike Mitchell

OVERALL: Darnell Savage Jr. is a prospect with a great deal of potential…some of which he is beginning to realize…athletically gifted—Savage pops in the film several times…some view him only as a Cover 2 safety…while I think that may  be his role, I wouldn’t limit him to JUST this role…there is more versatility here than you would think…the athleticism will garner some supporters in the scouting community…I have Darnell Savage Jr. pegged for a late 2nd/early 3rd round selection during the 2019 NFL Draft.

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