Deionte Thompson Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Deionte Thompson profiles as the ball-hawk type of Free Safety that NFL teams covet…has good quickness in order to attack the ball in the air and make the play…will bait Quarterbacks into making mistakes and throwing into his range…Deionte Thompson is a fluid athlete who can transition well against multiple platforms of play…a solid run defender…

WEAKNESSES: Deionte Thompson’s athletic ability and quickness betrays him many times…he plays too aggressive and gets caught out of position—which causes him to be beaten…needs to develop fundamentally when it comes to tacking and wrapping…will need to clean-up his footwork as well—can be a bit clumsy at times…Thompson will be a limitation in man coverage…

COMP: John Johnson

OVERALL: Deionte Thompson has good athleticism and can make some plays that his contemporaries cannot make…the issue is his game is erratic and inconsistent…he is a very aggressive prospect—which you like…however, his aggressiveness gets him into more trouble than good sometimes…needs to read and react better…know when to make the play and when to play fundamentally sound football…there is upside here…I like Deionte Thompson as a backend 1st rounder-early 2nd rounder in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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