Devin Bush Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Devin Bush can cover a ton of ground in a short period of time…a playmaker…a high IQ football player…work ethic is strong…plays to the whistle every down…great intangibles and leadership…raises the level of play of the teammates around him…processes the play quickly…reads and reacts…excels in pass coverage—can match up with offensive weapons where others in this class cannot…a fluid athlete who can transition platform to platform seamlessly…an underrated pass rusher…a torpedo into the backfield as a pass rusher…extremely versatile…

WEAKNESSES: Devin Bush does not have the ideal length you are looking for in a high end LB prospect…the concern is that with bigger, longer, stronger athletes at the NFL level, Bush could find himself engulfed…

COMP: Roquan Smith

OVERALL: Few players have helped themselves more throughout the draft process than has Devin Bush…we always knew the high football IQ and intangibles were off the charts, but his athletic profile was much significantly better than we had originally anticipated…his Scouting Combine was so eerily similar to his counterpart Devin White–it became crystal clear that these two prospects were not separated by very much and were the elite of the elite…Devin Bush is a Top 10 player overall for my money, and I think Bush will ultimately be drafted anywhere from the 6th-15th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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