Devin White Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Devin White’s game is tailor-made to that of the modern day NFL…a sideline to sideline linebacker…White can cover ground as well as any linebacker prospect in recent memory…Devin White is a blur on the football field…incredibly elusive and offensive lineman have fits trying to get their hands on him…even if they do get their hands on him, White is able to shed the block and continue his pursuit to the ball carrier…quick, nimble feet…good hands…a versatile LB who could play either outside or middle…Devin White is a leader on and off the football field…his intangibles are off the charts…

WEAKNESSES: The major issue with Devin White is that he needs to be a bit more physical at the point of contact…not the best, and most assured tackler out there…needs more work as a pass defender…knows where he needs to be, but needs work on the ‘read and react’ part of pass defense…will not project to be a linebacker who rushes the pass or consistently pushes the edge…

COMP: Sean Lee

OVERALL: Devin White has the physical abilities that NFL teams covet in their linebackers, and he brings the high IQ and intangibles to boot…Devin White is the type of leader who can transform a defense and will elevate the play of his teammates around him…he does need to develop more of a physical presence—especially to combat the bigger, more physical athletes at the NFL level…that being said, I anticipate that White makes the required leap…I see no reason why Devin White won’t be a Top 10 pick, and he has about a 50/50 shot of being a Top 5 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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