Drew Lock Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Drew Lock possesses the best arm talent in the 2019 NFL Draft class…big time arm strength and the physical attributes that has the NFL scouting community salivating…Drew Lock can make throws that his contemporaries cannot…his mechanics are solid…his velocity is upper tier…in a league where you need to throw into tight windows—Drew Lock as that ability in spades…Lock is another player that plays with moxie and an edge…high upside…

WEAKNESSES: Drew Lock is the most erratic and inconsistent passer in the 2019 NFL Draft…he is not an accurate passer…makes poor decisions with the football…poor accuracy combined with poor decision making equals “Buyer Beware” for me…his passes sail on a regular basis…he struggles with reading a defense and going through his progression…waits for players to get open, rather than throwing them open…he has poor footwork and tends to get lazy with his proper throwing motion—again—resulting in poor results…lackluster mobility…

COMP: Jay Cutler

OVERVIEW: Drew Lock is going to be one of the more fascinating prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft. He has the arm talent that the NFL is looking for and falls in love with. He also brings several inconsistencies and poor decision making process, which will turnoff many potential suitors. Some are making comparisons to Patrick Mahomes—which is outlandish at this juncture. That being said, the NFL is a copy cat league—scouts and GMs have seen recent success from big arm QB like Mahomes or to a much lesser extent Josh Allen, so I can see some teams falling in love with this guy. To reiterate, I wouldn’t touch him until late in the draft as a developmental prospect, but I can see his name being discussed in the 1st round conversation. Stay tuned to see if he can wow scouts at the Combine and in the workouts.

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