Dwayne Haskins Scouting Report

  1. Dwayne Haskins 6’2 225 Ohio State Buckeyes (SO):

STRENGHTS: Dwayne Haskins calling card is his accuracy…he can throw the ball on schedule on multiple platforms…he is athletic in the pocket…evasive…he can avoid the pass rush while keeping his eyes down the field…Haskins has the requisite arm strength in order to succeed at the next level…he has the talent to throw the ball into tight windows…has shown the ability to go through his progression…although a hesitant runner—he does have the ability to effect a defense by running with the football.

WEAKNESSES: Dwayne Haskins has only one season of big time college football under his belt…in an ideal world, from a scouting perspective—you would like to see Haskins return to college—he’s just not ready for the NFL game yet…the spread offense at Ohio State does not do their Quarterbacks any favors when it comes to progressing to the game at the NFL level…Haskins has a tendency to wait for his receivers to get open, rather than throwing them open—if this tendency continues, he will struggle mightily in the NFL…needs to play with better anticipation…

COMP: Derek Carr

OVERVIEW: Dwayne Haskins is the clear headliner of the 2019 NFL Draft class. That speaks more to the overall downturn of the QB class as a whole than to Dwayne Haskins and his evaluation. There is only so much tape on Dwayne Haskins as he only has one season at the helm at Ohio State. His evaluation is most similar to Mitch Trubisky a few seasons ago—a talented prospect who has athletic traits, and you like him long-term, but you see some initial struggles due to the fact that he is so raw. Where he winds up will eventually play a huge role to his success at the NFL level—I would like to see him sit for a season, but I know his demand will likely be high enough that this will be an unrealistic goal. Given how Quarterbacks are pushed up the draft boards, and the fact that he is head and shoulders above everyone else, I would expect Dwayne Haskins to be a Top 10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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