Greedy Williams Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Greedy Williams has all the traits that you are looking for in a Defensive Back prospect…quick twitch athleticism and great length combine to make him an ideal fit in man to man defense…outstanding ball skills…will bait the opposing teams QB to throw his direction in order to cause the turnover…fluid hips allows him to transition from platform to platform…plays well against the deep ball…if it comes his way, does a great job of attacking the ball at it’s highest point…

WEAKNESSES: For all the hype that he has received, Greedy Williams still has deficiencies…his read and react needs to improve…at the next level even a ½ second lapse will cause a completion and/or a big play…his film is wildly inconsistent…he has a questionable motor…doesn’t seem like he plays all out, all the time…he is not as adapt in zone coverage as he is in man to man…needs work in this area…a poor tackler…doesn’t show the willingness to be physical at times—which is more alarming…

COMP: Marshon Lattimore

OVERALL: Has there ever been a more fitting nickname for a prospect than ‘Greedy’ Williams..? Williams has been on the NFL radar for what feels like forever…Williams has the skills that would suggest that he can project to be a true shutdown style of corner at the next level…he is going to need to become a more complete player…zone coverage and tackling being his primary bugaboo…if he can develop in these areas—he has elite potential…Greedy Williams has the potential to go in the Top 10…he should go anywhere from 15-25 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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