Irv Smith Jr. Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: It may not grab the headlines, but Irv Smith is one of the better blocking TE that we have seen in a while…the fact that he comes from Alabama and they are so heavily invested in their run game plays to Irv Smith’s blocking upside…Irv Smith is also a very good route runner…he is quick in and out of his breaks…plays the game with an edge and a physicality that teams are attracted towards…

WEAKNESSES: Irv Smith does not have the top-end speed to develop into a field-stretcher…Smith’s hands have been inconsistent and will need additional work…does not get off the line of scrimmage as quickly as you would like to see…does not separate at a high level—relies on his frame to keep would-be defenders away…Irv Smith is just an average athlete and could have more difficulty given the NFL athletes he will be facing every week are bigger, stronger, and faster…

COMP: Jordan Reed

OVERALL: Irv Smith is a good TE prospect, he just doesn’t possess the upside that a few of his contemporaries do. A solid route runner, with good hands, Irv Smith will have a role in the NFL. We are looking at a 1st-2nd round prospect heading into the 2019 NFL Draft.

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