Jeffery Simmons Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Jeffrey Simmons is dripping with potential…Simmons looks like the prototype you would come up with in a laboratory…fantastic length…plays with a ton of energy—consistently…causes many issues for the offense as he gets into the backfield on a regular basis…good at shedding blocks…brings several pass rushing moves to the table…a complete interior defensive lineman prospect…

WEAKNESSES: Not to bury the lead, but the torn ACL that Jeffrey Simmons suffered early in the draft process is clearly the most glaring weakness…teams and medical staffs need to figure out where they land on his injury–some sound like they believe he will play again in 2019, some suggest a red-shirt season…Jeffrey Simmons is not the most physical defender…his leverage and fundamentals need to improve to fulfill his potential…he has a bad habit of overrunning the play and taking himself right out of it…would like to see him play with a stronger lower half…needs to improve as a run defender…needs to make a dramatic leap as a tackler…gets to the ball, but is just a hitter, must wrap up…

COMP: Chris Jones

OVERALL: Jeffrey Simmons has established himself as one of the premier defensive line prospects heading into the NFL draft…leaving school early, Simmons is just now scratching the surface of the player that he could very well become…needs some refinement as a tackler and to improve at the point of contact as a run stuffer… but man he has the tools to be a force to get into a teams backfield and cause a myriad of issues…the elephant in the room remains the ACL injury…Jeffrey Simmons had all the looks of a potential Top 5-10 pick, so now where does he fall..? There is some concern given the off the field issue from his Highschool days, but many are willing to put that issue behind him…even with the injury, Jeffery Simmons looks like he remain a 1st round pick, and could go as high as Top 20 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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