Joe Giles-Harris Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Joe Giles-Harris is one of the smarter football players in the entire 2019 Draft…very high football IQ…diagnoses the play rapidly and makes the play accordingly…quick read and react skills…outstanding tackler—if he gets his hands on the ball-carrier, he is making the play…wraps up consistently…uses his hands very well…able to get off of blocks with proper fundamentals…non-stop motor on Giles-Harris…plays to the whistle and never stops…

WEAKNESSES: Joes Giles-Harris does not have elite burst or quickness that you like to see from your high-end LB prospects…his measurables at the Scouting Combine will likely be mundane…Giles-Harris is a bit stiff in the hips, and does not possess the fluidity that you would like to see…lack of athleticism will allow him to overrun the play on occasion…

COMP: Lorenzo Alexander

OVERALL: Joe Giles-Harris was one of the more fun evaluations that I completed…my opinion and evaluation of him got better and better the more tape that I reviewed…Giles-Harris has the making of a true Middle Linebacker at the NFL level due to his read and react skills, leadership abilities in able to diagnose the play and adjust/audible to the proper defensive front…Giles-Harris does not have the high end athleticism that some of his contemporaries do, but he makes up for it with a high football IQ…I like Joe Giles-Harris as a mid-late 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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