Jonah Williams Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Jonah Williams is a cerebral prospect who has developed as a technician as it relates to his craft…Williams has great footwork…a pre-packed NFL offensive lineman prospect…plug and play…can advance to the second level and pick up a block on a linebacker…Jonah Williams does a great job of handling counter moves with his quickness and strength…

WEAKNESSES: The first weakness you will notice when it comes to the projection of Jonah Williams is that he does not possess elite athleticism…you can naturally be concerned that bigger, stronger athletes are going to give him trouble at the NFL level…does not have the length that you look for from your offensive tackles—Jonah Williams may very well have to kick inside to offensive guard…tends to have issues with pass rushers who have high end speed…

COMP: Jake Matthews

OVERALL: Jonah Williams may be the most NFL-ready offensive lineman in the 2019 NFL Draft. Playing at Alabama, he was coached up properly and has a very safe floor. His technique and footwork check all the boxes, and there is room here for improvement. The glaring issue is where will he play at the NFL level. Some teams prioritize length more than others, so ultimately, what team drafts him will determine where he plays. I heard this story, that is worth repeating…Jonah Williams keeps an excel spreadsheet on every defender that he faces…that’s the kind of mentality that teams LOVE…with his high level of intangibles and safe floor, I think Jonah Williams still has a shot at being a Top 10 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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