KeeSean Johnson Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: KeeSean Johnson is flying under the radar so far in the draft season…KeeSean Johnson’s calling cards are his exceptional hands…he doesn’t drop anything that hits his hands…very reliable receiver…Johnson is a very refined route runner…technically sound…solid frame that should adapt well to the physicality of the NFL game…KeeSean Johnson plays the game the right way—high effort at all times…

WEAKNESSES: KeeSean Johnson lacks the high end speed and lacks the explosiveness that many of his contemporaries have…Johnson is not going to threaten a NFL defense vertically in the passing game…will not break many tackles or become a YAC player…lack of speed may ultimately limit his versatility and relegate him to the slot position…

COMP: Mohamed Sanu

OVERALL: KeeSean Johnson is a limited, yet high-floor WR prospect…you know what he is…he is a terrific route runner, with fantastic hands…these skill sets will ALWAYS be welcomed and needed in the NFL…that being said, Johnson lacks the explosiveness to be a legit deep threat, so I would anticipate he will make his money on underneath stuff and out of the slot position for the most part…I like his game and the more I watch, the more I like…currently I have KeeSean Johnson in the 3rd round mix of the 2019 NFL Draft, and there’s potential he could be elevate when all things are said and done.

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