Kyler Murray Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that wows you on the tape when you evaluate Kyler Murray is his arm strength…the way he can generate velocity with his whip action is second to none in this class…Kyler Murray is a terrific playmaker…a big play waiting to happen…he has shown a very strong arm that has the ability to throw the ball into tight coverage and tight windows…the NFL has become a league where you have to make something happen outside the confines of the play call—Kyler Murray wins here in spades with his ability to keep the play alive where others cannot…there is no question—he is a remarkable athlete…

WEAKNESSES: If it is not abundantly clear, the most glaring weakness in regards to Kyler Murray’s game is the fact that he is very diminutive for the position…not only does his height raise any number of questions—but he is also very thinly built…you have to wonder if he can stand up to the much more physical nature of the sport and what the QB position requires…his accuracy still needs work—throws an accurate deep ball, but is not what you would describe as “pin-point”…his decision making process needs a lot of work…throws the ball into coverage wildly at times…I question his progression process as it appears, at times, that he will completely eliminate portions of the field as options…if his primary read is not there, tends to tuck it and run or try and make a wild-card type of play…will get himself into more trouble than not…will need to learn to step up in the pocket rather than evading the rush with reckless abandon…

COMP: Russell Wilson or Seneca Wallace???

OVERVIEW: A fascinating case study does not do Kyler Murray and his assessment justice…quite frankly—we may have never seen a NFL prospect quite like this…a few months ago, it was a foregone conclusion that Kyler Murray was heading to playing Major League Baseball, and now, it is very possible that he turns his attention to the NFL Draft…a remarkable athlete with many short-comings (excusing the pun)…some have gone as far to say they would take him with the #1 overall pick…personally, I think this is utterly ridiculous…I do see value in Kyler Murray, but I value him more in the 2nd round…that being said, the NFL is a QB hungry league, and a prospect with Kyler Murray’s skill set does not come along every day, so I’m expecting a QB-needy team to pounce much earlier than that…ultimately, I would expect Kyler Murray to be drafted as the #1 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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