Lonnie Johnson Jr. Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that I noticed when I began to review the film was the size of Lonnie Johnson Jr…LJJ has the physical traits that NFL teams adore…he has outstanding length…this should come in handy against the bigger, stronger athletes at the NFL level…does a great job of getting the ball at it’s highest point…

WEAKNESSES: Lonnie Johnson Jr. plays very conservatively…although he doesn’t get beat deep…he gives up a ton of underneath stuff…you want to see more aggressiveness, controlled, from your defensive back prospects…his fundamentals and technique are all over the place…his footwork is choppy and can get crossed up at times…Lonnie Johnson Jr. is stiff and does not have the fluidity that you look for in your defensive backs…does not translate from platform to platform…a lack of productivity from college is also concerning…

COMP: Byron Maxwell

OVERALL: Lonnie Johnson Jr. is gaining a great deal of momentum as we move down the road towards the NFL Draft…from a physical, measurable standpoint—Lonnie Johnson Jr. checks all the boxes…the issue being is that his game doesn’t match his stature…far too many inconsistencies to feel good about his projection at this point—which by many, is far too bullish for me…LJJ needs a lot of work on his technique…I just don’t like his passivity to the way he plays the game…he’s more of a 3rd round value for me, but I can see a team taking the plunge on him sometime in the 2nd round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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