Mack Wilson Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Mack Wilson has a high-level skill of having a nose for the football, and not just that, but when he gets there, being able to make a play, or force a turnover…has shown the ability to travel from the middle of the football field to the sideline in order to make the play on the ball…a hard hitter that destroys the ball carrier…when Mack Wilson is dropping into coverage—he is a plus defender…has a good feel for the routes around him and can jump the route and cause the interception…you see the upside with Mack Wilson on film…has shown the ability to be tough in run defense…

WEAKNESSES: For a player with his profile and pedigree, Mack Wilson sure doesn’t make many plays in the opponents backfield…some attribute these lack of statistics due to a lack of football IQ—slow diagnosing the play, and a lack of instincts on the ‘Read and React’ plays…Mack Wilson is not the explosive athlete that we have seen as of late from our upper echelon LB prospects…Wilson is an uneven tackler—more misses than you would like to see…has a bad habit of playing with poor angles and leverage…a liability in pass defense…will get his eyes caught in the backfield and beaten by the receiver…his effort gets called into question giving his wild inconsistencies…from play to play, you’re not exactly sure what player you’re getting…

COMP: Dont’a Hightower

OVERALL: Mack Wilson makes for a tough evaluation…there are moments on film, glimpses if you will, where he has the looks of a sure-fire 1st round pick…the more you watch, the more inconsistencies abound…the talent is there—there is no questioning that, but he needs work on reading the play as it is unfolding and instinctually reacting to the play…Wilson is one of the few prospects where it’s his football IQ holding him up, not his physical limitations…I wouldn’t recommend drafting Wilson as a three down LB to begin his career…that being said, again, the talent is there to become one with work…I expect Wilson to have many teams shaking their heads—what to think…currently I expect him to be a high-mid 2nd round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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