Marquise Brown Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Marquise “Hollywood” Brown has unique, difference making type of speed…Brown has shown the ability to stretch a defense vertically as well as horizontally on crossing routes…he is a huge problem for opposing defenses—one in which they have to game plan for weekly…plays the game with a ‘chip on his shoulder’ mentality…a gamer…he sees the open field very well and does a good job of avoiding the big hit…great body control…an explosive, dynamic weapon in the downfield passing game—gamebreaking ability is second to none…

WEAKNESSES: Marquise Brown has wildly inconsistent hands—something that he will need to work on a great deal at the next level…his lack of size and stature is a HUGE concern…at just 165 lbs. you have to wonder if he can hold up to the physical nature of the NFL…these concerns are only compounded by the fact that he recently had a foot injury and has had some nagging injuries throughout his career at Oklahoma…he’s never going to help you as a blocker downfield…he is not going to develop into a red zone option—his size simply won’t allow for it…

COMP: DeSean Jackson/Brandin Cooks combo

OVERALL: Another one of the more fascinating prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft, Marquise “Hollywood Brown” has some tantalizing skills, but also some glaring weaknesses. Some will point to him as a “One Trick Pony” giving his speed element, but if he is indeed a “One Trick Pony”—it’s one heck of a trick. I think he is more than that, hence why I add in the Brandin Cooks comparison. Great after the catch, can work well on bubble screens, can cause real match-up problems. I like him more than most, so I would draft him anytime after the Top 10 picks–that is how special of a player he is. The NFL LOVES speed–so I think he will be coveted earlier than many expect…Marquise “Hollywood” Brown will ultimately be drafted in the Top 20-25 picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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