Max Scharping Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Max Scharping brings a high level of versatility and experience from the collegiate ranks to the NFL game…good size and frame in order to handle the physicality of the NFL game…good length in order to deal with the bigger, stronger athletes in the NFL…is able to establish position and then climb to the next level to pick up an additional block…Scharping plays with a high football IQ—you an tell he’s a 4-year starter as his read and react game is high level…good, quick hands to engage the defender prior to them engaging him…

WEAKNESSES: The biggest issue that you notice on film when you’re looking at Max Scharping is that his footwork is very sloppy and that leads to a myriad of issues…his feet or slow, and that’s where the problems begin…Scharping doesn’t power the opposition off of the line of scrimmage…does more neutralizing than demoralizing…plays on his heels—literally…you would rather see a more aggressive approach…seems to be reacting to the action far too frequently…his lower body needs to catch up to his upper half…plays with poor leverage—needs a lot of work here…

COMP: Jared Veldheer

OVERALL: Max Scharping is a 4-year starter at Northern Illinois—with experience on both sides of the line…this should play in his favor as he projects to the next level…given his struggles with quickness and poor footwork being his downfall—his most likely projection is in to the interior at offensive guard…many of his deficiencies are correctable with additional tutelage and coaching, it’s a bit concerning that these haven’t been corrected through four years of college ball…there is value here, Max Scharping is a solid football player, you know what you’re getting here…I like Max Scharping around the late 3rd-early 4th round range in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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