Montez Sweat Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Montez Sweat is an upper-echelon athlete that should translate very well to the NFL game…freakish length and explosive…Sweat is tough against the run, likewise against the pass…has the functional strength to overwhelm offensive lineman and drive them back into the Quarterback…productive prospect consistently throughout his collegiate career…

WEAKNESSES: Montez Sweat does not produce in all schemes like you would like to see…if you can get him standing up, rather than his hand in the dirt, he plays a bit too high and loses his leverage…his hips have been a bit stiff in the past…if offensive lineman can get in the first punch, it jostles Montez Sweat and he has a difficult time recovering…not effective dropping into coverage—will need a lot of work here…

COMP: Ezekiel Ansah

OVERALL: Montez Sweat is a high-level athlete, it’s not hard to see why scouts are getting very excited about his potential…Montez Sweat projects best to a 4-3 defensive end where he can set the end against the run, while coming off the edge to pressure the Quarterback…Montez Sweat has a high ceiling, and with the way the NFL views high end pass rushers, Sweat has many admirers…he lit the Scouting Combine on fire with his workout and only solidified his position in the minds of NFL personnel…I would expect Montez Sweat to be a candidate for a Top 10-15 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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