Nate Davis Scouting Report

  1. Nate Davis 6’3 310 Charlotte (SR)

STRENGTHS: Nate Davis has the potential to develop into a dynamic run blocking offensive guard at the next level…Davis plays with a strong, solid base most of the time…good, strong hands…once Nate Davis latches on to you, rarely can you get away…moves better than you would think…has the ability to get to the 2nd level…very strong blocker…plays with a nastiness you like to see…

WEAKNESSES: Nate Davis has shown poor, sloppy footwork far too often…needs a lot of work to develop consistency…occasionally, allows himself to get too narrow…when he does, he gets beat with counter moves…Davis also has a tendency as a waist bender and gets his weight over his feet—another fundamental that needs to be cleaned up…

COMP: Josh Garnett

OVERALL: Nate Davis has found a home in the interior offensive line after initially struggling to find success at the offensive tackle position…Davis has a variety of skills and traits that are appealing to the scouting community—just need to mold them all together into one prospect…that being said, Nate Davis is far from a finished product and will need a great deal of refinement at the NFL level. My expectation is that Nate Davis is a third day prospect, and will be drafted somewhere around the 4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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