Parris Campbell Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: The first thing that shines on the film when you watch Parris Campbell is his unique speed and quickness…Campbell is a high-end athlete and it shows…dynamic weapon in the offense…will be effective after the catch…shifty in the open field…great field vision allows him to make defenders miss…fluid hips…able to switch gears with ease…

WEAKNESSES: Parris Campbell has one of the more limited passing tree of any of the receivers in this draft class…Campbell is going to need a ton of work as a traditional WR at the NFL level…his hands are also going to need a lot of work…more dropped passes than you would have liked to have seen…lacks the necessary physicality in his game to succeed in contested catches—a large concern heading into the more physical NFL…you have to question his full-time role due to a lack of blocking acumen…

COMP: Taylor Gabriel

OVERALL: Parris Campbell has legit, game-changing type of speed…however, he does not have any idea what he is doing as a WR at this point…one of the more ‘raw’ WR prospects in this draft as it relates to his route running and what he can bring in a full-time role…expecting him to step on to the NFL field as a WR in his rookie season would be setting poor expectations for the player and the franchise…he is more of a gadget player, but can still effect the game in a few different ways…I’m expecting some teams to prioritize a player like Parris Campbell and their willingness to develop him around the 3rd-4th round range of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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