Riley Ridley Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Riley Ridley is a smooth route runner who plays the game with excellent technique…Riley Ridley can win against man to man defense, as well as against a zone…has shown some of the better body control abilities in this entire draft class…an above average blocker in the run game…a complete player who seems to do everything well…can switch gears and change direction as well as any WR over 200 lbs…an above average catcher of the football…

WEAKNESSES: Riley Ridley is not as physically gifted as some of his contemporaries at the WR position…has yet to have shown the ability to succeed with YAC…got busted for marijuana two years ago—so that may raise a red flag with personnel people in the NFL…needs overall refinement coming off the line of scrimmage as well as in and out of his breaks…his production at the collegiate level leaves much to be desired…

COMP: Calvin Ridley (brother)

OVRERALL: Riley Ridley could be one of the more underrated WR prospects in the 2019 Draft…while at Georgia, Riley Ridley was not utilized to maximize his potential…Ridley has a way of showing up large in the biggest games…just a very well balanced WR who is scratching the surface of his potential…his brother Calvin was a 1st rounder a season ago, but Riley Ridley seems perfectly fit for a solid 2nd round draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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