Rodney Anderson Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: A fantastic blend of size and speed…plays with good vision…nice jump cut…runs well in between the tackles with the ability to break outside…good balance…has fluid hips that allows him to break tackles and remain evasive to would be tacklers…one of the better receivers out of the backfield in this entire class…a versatile prospect who could excel in virtually any offensive concept…excellent acceleration…plays with a solid base…

WEAKNESSES: His biggest weakness has to be the fact that he is coming off of an ACL injury that limited his 2018 season…not his first serious injury—so there will be durability concerns…at this point, he is a liability in pass protections—which will ultimately limit his playing time if it cannot be corrected…

COMP: Joe Mixon

OVERALL: Rodney Anderson will be a fascinating case study heading into the 2019 NFL Draft. There is no questioning his talent, and his game is tailor made for the direction of the current NFL. Rodney Anderson has the skillset to be an asset in the running game as well as the receiving game. His injury history is concerning, but he does has the benefit of not having significant wear and tear on the tires. Ultimately, I’m expecting the team that takes the plunge on him to reap the rewards, that of getting a 1st round talent in the 2nd-3rd rounds.

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