Sheldrick Redwine Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Sheldrick Redwine has some strong fundamentals that project well to the NFL game…he is a solid tackler who plays with proper leverage and wraps up properly…has a good size to strength ratio which makes you project that he will hold up to the physicality in the NFL…has enough versality to match-up with the oppositions’ TE…plays downhill with an aggressive approach…doesn’t mind putting his nose in there and making a play in run defense…

WEAKNESSES: Sheldrick Redwine does not have the high level range or athletic ability to be considered a sideline to sideline defender…does not have the natural ball skills to make plays in pass defense…will never materialize as a ball hawk…at the point of contact, can get beaten to the punch as he doesn’t have the quickest, strongest hands—again, refinement will be needed here…

COMP: Tavon Wilson

OVERALL: Sheldrick Redwine looks to be a ready to play, in the box safety at the NFL level…again, you wouldn’t want him to play single high safety due to his lack of athleticism…but there’s value in a prospect who is physical enough to match-up with TE and come down hill and help in run defense…I have Sheldrick Redwine in the late Day 2-early Day 3 mix, someone in the late 3rd-early 4th round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

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