Terry McLaurin Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Terry McLaurin pops on the screen…he is an electrifying playmaker…exceptional route running is apparent when you evaluate the film…plays with great nuance to keep opposing defensive backs guessing and off-balance…McLaurin plays a great ability on the deep ball…adjusts extremely well with good body control…keeps his eye on the ball and plays very well through contact…a tremendous athlete when the ball is in his hands…a YAC magnet…quick twitch athlete with exceptional change in direction ability…solid run blocker…

WEAKNESSES: It’s crystal clear that Terry McLaurin needs additional work as a pass catcher…he does not catch the ball away from his body…he allows the ball to get into his pads far too often…this technical issue does would be defenders a favor and allows them to defend passes where they normally would not, had McLaurin been fundamentally sound in this area…McLaurin is never going to overpower the opposition…needs to get stronger to sustain production at the NFL level…

COMP: Nelson Agholor

OVERALL: Terry McLaurin is gaining a ton of momentum throughout the early portions of the draft process…Ohio State woefully underutilized Terry McLaurin and his abilities while at college…expect McLaurin to continue to wow the scouting community as we approach the Scouting Combine and individual workout portion of the draft season…there is a lot of untapped potential here…I really like Terry McLaurin and believe he has mid-late 3rd round value in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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