Trayveon Williams Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Trayveon Williams is one of the better receiving backs in this RB class…his hands are good enough that Texas A&M thought it wise to play him at WR, as well as RB…Williams possesses good, quick feet…shifty out of the backfield…has the explosiveness to get through an opening created by his offensive line…good vision…ability to get to the next level…a good run blocker…doesn’t mind getting his nose dirty…

WEAKNESSES: Trayveon Williams is not the biggest nor strongest RB…these limitations will ultimately limit him as a pro prospect and how he can be utilized…his size isn’t the biggest issue for me, if he played more powerful…he tends to go down at the point of contact and has little tackle breaking ability…

COMP: James White

OVERALL: Trayveon Williams needs his rushing prowess to catch up with his receiving ability…at the next level—he projects to be a receiving specialist out of the backfield, preferably on 3rd down…given that he doesn’t offer much as a runner or a blocker, your best bet is to get him matched up on a LB and cause a matchup that way…there is something to his game however, so I expect him to be a value selection on the third day, likely a 4th round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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