Yodny Cajuste Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: Yodny Cajuste is a pure technician at the offensive tackle position…projects to be a plus pass blocker due to his consistent technique…Cajuste is excellent at mirroring would be pass rushers and is able to counter, their counter moves…a mobile offensive lineman who is able to sustain the initial block, and then get downfield in order to pick up another…good length for the position…a powerful lineman who generates a push with a strong initial strike…

WEAKNESSES: Yodny Cajuste is not the most powerful run blocker…no one is going to confuse him with a road grader…some in the scouting community feel that he will have to kick inside to an interior offensive lineman…his top and lower halves need to play in conjunction—his top half has a tend to get a bit heavy…

COMP: Duane Brown

OVERALL: Yodny Cajuste is one of those prospects that the more tape you evaluate on him, the more you like. Some feel that he is a better fit on the interior at offensive guard, but I’m not one of them. I believe he could be one of the very few prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft who could be a viable option at the all-important Left Tackle position. A versatile lineman, I have him as a 1st round value who will go somewhere in between picks 20-40 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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