Zach Allen Scouting Report

STRENGTHS: For an athlete 6’4 285 Zach Allen is very fast getting off the line and possesses a myriad of pass rushing moves…one of the better sets of hands of any defensive line prospect in the 2019 draft…strong at the point of attack…fundamentally and technically sound…super strong—opposing offensive lineman are not going to enjoy going to battle with Zach Allen…a savvy and cerebral prospect—Zach Allen knows how to play the game…outstanding in run defense…has a nose for the ball…

WEAKNESSES: You have to wonder if Zach Allen can indeed play the defensive end position…he is extremely stiff and will struggle mightily establishing the edge at the NFL level…Zach Allen will never be considered a sack artist…his numbers in this department will always leave you wanting…Zach Allen lacks agility and quickness—so his sideline to sideline ability is extremely limited…will not measure very long at the Scouting Combine…

COMP: Margus Hunt

OVERALL: Zach Allen is a fascinating defensive line prospect heading into the 2019 draft…Allen does not have the speed and agility to play defensive end in the NFL, so he will likely have to adapt his game and develop as a defensive tackle…the good news is Zach Allen has displayed the toughness and strength in order to do so, and might be a great fit in this new role…admittedly, Zach Allen’s draft stock is a bit more fluid than most at this point…I would expect Zach Allen to be selected in the 2nd-3rd round range in the 2019 NFL Draft.

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