ANALYSIS: Miles Sanders was the highlight from this group…Sanders showed well in each and every exercise throughout the Scouting Combine…Justice Hill looked great also, he did get injured and had to call his day short unfortunately…Alex Barnes may have been the biggest surprise from this group–he did excellent and showed off upper-tier athleticism at every turn…unfortunately, this group did more damage than good…you were hoping that David Montgomery would have tested a little better than he did…Devin Singletary had a day to forget…where as Miles Sanders tested well in everything, Singletary looked rough, and that follows the fact that he measured in at 5’7…Elijah Holyfield had a good amount of momentum heading into the Scouting Combine…well, that was all erased in one afternoon…we didn’t think he was the breakaway option that a Darrell Henderson is, but these numbers are vastly underwhelming…Benny Smell Jr. is also sliding down draft boards throughout the scouting community…

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