Cam Reddish Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Tobias Harris

Analysis: Of all the hyped recruits that arrived in Duke for the 2018 season—Cam Reddish was likely the most disappointing…remember, there were those out there that believed in Cam Reddish’s skill set so much that there was some speculation that he could challenge for the #1 spot in this year’s draft—clearly it did not play out that way…listen, I hear the critics…Cam Reddish was simply not good for stretches of 2018-’19, there’s no other way around that…Reddish needs to play with higher physicality and develop as a rebounder…we are turning our attention to the NBA, and simply put, you don’t find them like Cameron Reddish everyday…6’9 205—thickly built…Cam Reddish already has the NBA body and should adapt much better to the NBA game than many of his contemporaries…I believe Reddish is one of those players who will wind up being a better pro than collegiate, so we are higher on him than most scouting sites out there…even with all of the warts included, Cam Reddish appears locked in to the Top 10 of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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