Matisse Thybulle Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Danny Green

Analysis: Matisse Thybulle may very be the top defender, regardless of position, in this entire draft class…watching Thybulle’s defensive highlights alone are worth the time…averaging 2.5 blocks and FOUR steals per 36—Matisse Thybulle is an absolute defensive menace…a 6’6 wing with a 7’ wingspan—Thybulle has the potential to develop into a NBA level 3&D player…that being said, he is far away offensively…his shot selection is very erratic…his offensive game is wildly inconsistent…and for a 22-year old prospect, you have to wonder if his game on the offensive end will ever catch up…I love him—I have Matisse Thybulle ranked substantially higher than virtually anyone else in the NBA draft scouting community…I expect him to go in the later portion of the 1st round, and if that is the case, count Matisse Thybulle as one of the better value picks in the entire 2019 NBA Draft.

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