Zion Williamson Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Uber athletic Zach Randolph

Analysis: It’s Zion’s World, and we are just living in it…coming into the 2018 season, we were not exactly sure how Zion’s game was going to adapt to the college level—we found out real fast…just a freak of nature athletically—Zion Williamson can overwhelm your defense with pure speed and physicality…Zion is a scoring machine…his shot and his overall game still needs refinement, there is no question about that…that being said, you simply can’t teach the feel for the game that Zion Williamson possesses….Zion Williamson is a lock for the #1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, and will be the new Face of the Franchise for the New Orleans Pelicans

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