Bol Bol Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Thon Maker

Analysis: It’s not difficult to see the potential here in Bol Bol…he has a skill set that few other players possess…at 7’2, Bol Bol is able to shoot 3-pointers, and looks fluid in doing so…with a 7’7 wingspan, you have to imagine that Bol Bol projects to be a rim protector at the next level…in a very short sample size—Bol Bol was really good at Oregon…the major issues here are obvious…a big man with a foot injury coming into the league is always a huge red flag…the fact that Bol Bol is just a hair over 200 lbs. at 7’2 only further illustrates how thin and brail his stature is…I cannot imagine that he will be anywhere near ready to handle the physicality of the NBA…I have trouble imagining Bol Bol—at his best—getting more than 18-20 minutes a night…I know there is talent here, but looking into how we imagine Bol Bol will translate into the NBA leaves me cooling on him…I have Bol Bol and would be much more comfortable drafting him in the early 2nd round…that being said, the word out of the NBA is that they like him more than me, so I would still expect to see Bol Bol selected in the 1st round of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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