Chuma Okeke Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Noah Vonleh

Analysis: Chuma Okeke sustaining his serious injury during March Madness was a complete bummer…for one, I believe if he is not injured it’s very possible that the Auburn Tigers are the 2019 NCAA Champions, but for his own sake, it limits the range of outcomes on where he can be drafted in the 2019 NBA Draft…prior to the injury, Chuma Okeke was being projected as a late 1st round pick…now, without being able to work out for NBA teams, his value drops into the 2nd round…what are teams getting in Chuma Okeke..? His strengths begin on the defensive end…he offers defensive versatility where he can guard multiple positions…on the offensive end he is much more limited, however, simply working as a spot-up shooter and being a plus defender has significant value in the current NBA as a 3 and D wing…even considering the injury, I like Chuma Okeke a great deal, and believe he can outperform his draft value and will be one of the better 2nd round picks in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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