Daniel Gafford Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Timofey Mozgov

Analysis: Daniel Gafford is a very effective player inside the paint on both ends of the court…best used in the pick and roll game more as a player attacking the rim with little regards to human safety…Daniel Gafford is ferocious on the glass…you love his physicality and his ability to play with his back to the basket…with a 7’2 wingspan—Daniel Gafford is a strong shot blocker…Daniel Gafford has NO game beyond the paint—again, on either end of the floor…on offense, Daniel Gafford has not developed a sustainable shot that threatens defenses whatsoever…moreover, Daniel Gafford is completely inept as a defender and would be abused on potential switch situations…there’s a strength in knowing who you are, and who you are not—and that best describes Daniel Gafford…Gafford is a bit of an old-school big man…the concern is that his lack of defensive ability along the perimeter will cause him to be played right off the court in clutch, and playoff sitiuations…Daniel Gafford has some talent as a backup big, so he will likely be a 2nd round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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