Isaiah Roby Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Marvin Williams

Analysis: Isaiah Roby is a pure projection in my opinion…you like what you see at times, but then Roby disappears…Isaiah Roby profiles as a prospect who has 3 and D potential, but has a long way to go on both ends of the floor in order to fulfill said potential…on the offensive end of the court, Isaiah Roby is very inconsistent…on the defensive end of the court—it appears that he wants to become a shot blocker, without having to be physical…at 215 lbs. Isaiah Roby is going to have to get stronger, and bigger in order to sustain at the NBA level…given that he comes into the NBA as a Junior, it’s fair to question the upside when it comes to Isaiah Roby…Isaiah Roby has a chance to stick in the NBA, but he has the look of a 2nd round pick, not a 1st rounder, in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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