Justin Wright-Foreman Scouting Report

Player Comparison:

Analysis: Justin Wright-Foreman is a solid natural scorer at the Point Guard position…he does have that score first mentality, so it’s certainly fair to wonder whether he can become a facilitator at the NBA level…a good ball handler who plays with a good pace…speaking of pace, a quick athlete who can blow by a would-be defender…at 6’2 185—you have to wonder if Justin Wright-Foreman can put on weight and strength in order to handle the NBA physicality…Wright-Foreman’s shot is a bit inconsistent…facing longer athletes may limit his effectiveness…playing at Hofsta—his level of competition is jumping dramatically…Justin Wright Foreman certainly has his limitations and his upside is capped, however, as a player who can give your 2nd unit and your bench a little juice, I like Justin Wright-Foreman late in the 2nd round of the 2019 NBA Draft.

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