KZ Okpala Scouting Report

Player Comparison: Joe Johnson

Analysis: KZ Okpala is one of the more confusing prospects entering into the 2019 NBA Draft…on the surface I see a NBA-ready body at 6’10 210 with a 7’2 wingspan he certainly looks like he was sent from central casting of what a NBA wing is supposed to look like…and you watch the tape and you glimpses of what could be…a long athlete who can shoot from the perimeter, can drive with either hand, projects as a solid defender…for me, there were just a lot of inconsistencies and Okpala’a play was just so up and down…the skills are there, but whether they can be developed fully at the NBA level is the question…what strikes me as odd is so many scouts out there have made the Brandon Ingram comparison—and why I understand it, it’s odd in the fact that you are comparing KZ Okpala to the former #2 overall pick just a few years ago, and yet, you rank him anywhere from the 20s-30s on your Big Board..? I believe this only supports my point as it relates to KZ Okpala’s projection—wildly inconsistent, but you find yourself wanting to be swayed by what ‘could be’…I believe the talent is enough to tantalize a NBA Franchise to select KZ Okpala in the later portion of the 1st round in the 2019 NBA Draft.

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